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A Good Morning in Triesenberg

Triesenberg village, Liechtenstein

Triesenberg is a Must-go Place in Liechtenstein

There's really not much to do and see in the capital Vaduz, especially when you stayed in Liechtenstein for two whole days. So we finally went up to Triesenberg to enjoy our good morning. We were so impressed by the pictures of the village that we accidentally found on the Google maps, therefore we decided to climb up there and see if the pictures are for reference only, or not.

Places to Visit in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

It was a bit hazy around 10am in the morning so we began our day by visiting Walser Museum just right by the bus stop. The museum is all about the history of this specific village so if you are interested in it, you should go have a look. We also visited a Catholic church Pfarrkirche Triesenberg that is just opposite to the bus stop. These two places are perfect for pictures when it's hazy outdoor. The weather looked so much better when we had our brunch in the restaurant; we could even see Switzerland on the other side of the river. Sometimes you wouldn't believe that the view in front was so real that it actually exists.

Enjoying a Good Morning in Triesenberg

This restaurant is very well-located. The view from here was fantastic. The meal even tasted a lot delicious because of the atmosphere! Everything in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is expensive; this brunch was relatively affordable in comparison to anything else we'd spent while we were there... the breaded pork-chop was a bit like the German Schnitzel so it's quite thin and crispy. We specially loved the cauliflower topped with sauce as they were so perfect together. The French fries were freshly deep-fried, too. It was such a lovely morning to have a brunch here with the amazing view of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Cafe Conditorei Guflina | Rotenbodenstrasse 3, 9497 Triesenberg, Liechtenstein ★★★★★


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