Worth-Visiting Top Sights in Vaduz 值得一去的瓦都茲景點

One of the smallest capital city on earth - Vaduz is kind of hidden in the middle of Europe. There's no airport in Liechtenstein and the easiest way to get to Vaduz is getting a bus from Sargans, Switzerland which only takes about 20 minutes. Therefore, if you are in the nearby, be sure to pin Vaduz on your maps and go check it out! Is it really worth visiting? Find the answer out by reading on!

在地球上其中一個最小的首都 - 瓦都茲就好像隱藏在歐洲的中心。這裡並沒有機場,最好的方法就是從瑞士薩甘斯乘坐大概二十分鐘的巴士出發。所以如果你剛好就在附近,那就把瓦都茲加到你的地圖上,準備好出發吧!到底瓦都茲值得一去嗎?看下去就找到答案囉!

  • Vaduz Castle Following the hiking trail from the beginning to the castle, you will be able to see a fantastic panoramic view of Liechtenstein. If you enjoy hiking, this is definitely a place for you. P.S. Vaduz castle isn't open to the public. So don't be surprised when you found it locked.

  • 瓦都茲城堡 沿著爬山路線走到城堡的途中,你會看到超棒的列支敦士登全景!如果你享受爬山,這裡是一個好去處。記得瓦都茲城堡是不對外開放的喔,所以城堡上鎖了也不用驚訝喔。

  • St. Florin Cathedral There's always a church around in Europe. And here's one in Vaduz, too. This cathedral was originally a parish church and it's now held the status of cathedral since 1997. The exterior and interior of the cathedral is very classy. It's located in the city centre of Vaduz where it's very easy to reach.

  • 聖弗洛林大教堂 歐洲裡總是有著大大小小的教堂,在瓦都茲也有一間。這大教堂本來只是一家教區教堂,從1997年開始正名為聖弗洛林大教堂。不論是外面還是裡面,一樣都很美喔!它就在市中心那邊,很容易便會找到喔。

  • Liechtenstein National Museum This museum is only a few block away from the cathedral. It's about the history of Vaduz and Liechtenstein. It's really interesting to know more about the country, their own culture, and how the people lived in the past and now. This place is ideal for museum person!

  • 列支敦士登國家博物館 這家國家博物館離大教堂不遠,裡面放著關於瓦都茲及列支敦士登的歷史。在這裡可以認識到更多關於這國家、他們的文化和以前和現在的人民生活,真的是很有趣的。喜歡博物館的人一定會喜歡這裡的!

  • Postal Museum You can't leave Liechtenstein without going to their Postal Museum. Why? This country is best known for their stamps! As a stamp collector, I spent so much time here to see their wide collection and buy limited collection stamps in there. This is absolutely one of the best places for souvenir shopping in the whole country!

  • 郵政博物館 沒到瓦都茲的郵政博物館就不能離開列支敦士登喔。為什麼?這國家最有名的便是出產郵票了!作為一個郵票收藏家的我花了很多時間在裡面參觀和買了一些限量發行的特別郵票。要買紀念品的話就來這吧!

  • Red House, Vaduz An iconic historical red house is a must-go attraction in Vaduz. But don't ask me why, as I'm not even sure what exactly it is. It could just be a red house that has a long historical background but it's somehow instra-worthy! The vineyard in front is also a spot that you shouldn't miss out too!

  • 瓦都茲紅房 這地標和歷史性的紅色房子是在瓦都茲的一個必去景點。不過也不用問我為什麼,因為我也不太清楚這房子到底是什麼來的。這應該就是一間很有歷史的建築吧?不過就很好拍呢!前面的葡萄園也不能錯過的喔!

So have you found out the answer? A day trip in Vaduz is enough for you to know.


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