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A Money-Saving Guide to Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest

Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest, Hungary

The Largest Thermal Bath in Budapest

What's the point of not having a proper spa in a thermal bath and pool while you are travelling around Budapest in the Spa Centre of Europe? Széchenyi Thermal Bath in city centre is one of the largest medicinal bath in the world. It is very popular and loved by many tourists and the locals as well. Read on for the money-saving tips and travel guide to this fantastic bath in Budapest, and definitely save it up for your coming trip to Hungary!

What to Pack for Széchenyi Thermal Bath

  1. Swimsuit and flip-flops

  2. Towels, shower gel and shampoo

  3. Skincare and cosmetics if necessary

  4. Underwater pouch for mobile phone

  5. Some cash for drinks and snacks

How to Get there: From City to Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Since Széchenyi Thermal Bath is located in the city park, it is easy to find the destination signs and get there by foot from the bus stop or underground station. Take trolleybus no.72 or millennium underground for Széchenyi Bath stop.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest, Hungary

Money-saving Tips for Visiting Széchenyi Thermal Bath

  1. Visit the thermal bath on weekdays for a cheaper daily ticket of 3,500 Ft. (Weekends and holidays: 3,900 Ft)

  2. If you are planning to visit any other Budapest attractions, consider purchasing a Budapest Card as it's widely accepted for most attractions including Széchenyi Thermal Bath.

  3. Bring your own bathing suit / swimsuit or you buy a new one at the entrance for a crazy price with less styles to choose from.

  4. It's recommended to pay 1,000 Ft extra for a cabin ticket so you have your private changing room and a place to lock your things up.

  5. Massages are an add-on service you can purchase anytime you feel like one. Treat yourself either a 20- or 45-minute one for a price of 3,500 Ft / 6,500 Ft. If any two of you go for a premium massages together for 60 minutes, you will get a discount!


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