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A Short Vacation to Monaco: Where to Go & What to Eat

What's the impression or imagination of Monaco to you? This second smallest country in the world is best known in Hollywood movie scenes and casinos, giving us a very strong "Rich & Expensive" image. Monaco is ideal for a short vacation like a day trip from Nice, France. It is small, yet big and rich in many fun things to do for a whole day. Now let's see what you can do, where to go and what to eat while you are there!

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Enjoy the Views of Monaco from Saint-Martin Garden

Our favourite scenic spot in Monaco is a hidden place; this Saint-Martin Garden is a terraced public garden located in the east of Monaco. The highlight of this place is not what it offers a peaceful sitting area but also features stunning views of the sea with a perfect combination of the residential areas, the harbour and the mountain views of Monaco.

Explore the Hillside Exotic Garden of Monaco

If you are looking for an exotic holiday in Monaco, here we have found you the largest cactus garden on the hill. This Exotic Garden of Monaco is like a whole new world inside the country. From there, you will not only see loads of various succulent plants, but also the fantastic city views of Monaco plus the overlooking sea views in front of you.

Find the Prince in the Prince's Palace of Monaco

Gossip Girls, this American drama series has told every girl that it is possible to marry the Prince of Monaco if you believe so. Back to our real life, you probably won't see the prince in person but you should definitely come see the architecture of the Prince's Palace of Monaco yourself. This gorgeous official residence for the royal only opens seasonally so don't miss out if you get a chance to go in!

Visit the Gorgeous Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco

Saint Nicholas Cathedral, aka the Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate, or simply call it Monaco Cathedral is where the tombs of Monaco’s former Princes. This 600-year-old building is huge, and beautifully situated in front of a peacefully garden. Believe it or not, this area is one of the busiest district in the city that both locals and tourist love exploring!

Window Gambling at the Iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo

Don't leave Monaco without visiting their casino - and here we go! Casino de Monte-Carlo is the largest gambling and entertainment complex in the country which offers a casino and a performance theatre for opera and ballet shows. If gambling isn't your thing, you don't have to do that. The site is open to public for free unless you wanted to purchase a ticket to a great show.

Shop at the Grand Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo

There is a grand shopping mall right next to the casino and it is called Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo. This luxurious shopping centre is undoubtedly the best place for shopping. It is also our favourite place to enjoy an afternoon tea under a giant crystal chandelier. This is every girl's dream, isn't it?

Eat Tasty Fusion Food at Huit & Demi

Here we have found you a local restaurant that you should totally try while you are there. Huit & Demi is a modern restaurant that offers fusion French cuisine. The prawn curry with rice we ordered was very tasty and fresh with a rich texture and flavour. Surprisingly, it didn't really taste like any curry to us but the dish was good enough to be memorable.

Huit & Demi | 4 Rue Langle, 98000 La Condamine, Monaco ★★★★☆



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