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Pro Tips & Advice for Travel Beginners

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

It's always hard to remember our first trip with our family when we were little, but we could still remember how excited we were on the plane for the very first time. That was the only moment that we couldn't really wait for any longer.

Basically, everyone has different travel styles. You might fancy travelling alone, with friends, or even by joining a tour as a big group. You might enjoy staying at a hostel, meeting lots of people from all over the world; or you would prefer a safer option, staying in a fancy hotel with a lovely balcony in it. These are the initial things that we might think about when travel first come to our minds.

First thing first, what are the reasons behind all your travel journey?

Travel Research for Your Trip

Do research before you travel. This is very essential. Everything about your trip, from the bus timetables, to the business hours of the places you are planning to go to, should be well-prepared by doing some proper research. We had a very bad experience of not doing enough research before heading to a museum on the day it's closed. So don't ruin your trip by ending up like this. You should always do some research, at least, to check if the attractions you are going to will be open or not to avoid any disappointment.

Carry as Less Stuff as You Can

Whether you are a shopaholic or a fashionista, it'd always be better if you could carry less than more because some accommodations, especially hostels and Airbnb do not really have lifts! Imagine yourself carrying a super heavy luggage from the airport to the accommodation you will be staying at, and climbing all the steps to the top floor... that's actually happened to us and we were so glad that our luggage wasn't really that full and heavy.

Wear Waterproof Clothing and Comfortable Shoes

Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is extremely important for all travellers. A pair of trainers will do. You should expect that you will be walking all day long and at least you would feel less tired after an exhausting day. For the clothing part, try to wear something that is waterproof or water-resistant in case of raining.

Better Go without a DSLR Camera

We would definitely recommend a DSLR camera if it's not that heavy. We used to take our Canon 600D for travel with a few different lens but we realised that it was a disaster for our neck after a long day. We suggest that you could use a smaller compact digital camera instead, unless you are going to take photographs of, for example, Northern lights or stars. Otherwise, a normal digital camera works perfectly fine. To keep your images best quality, you will only need to save them as RAW file.

We hope this helps. Enjoy your trip! Good luck!



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