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All Day Eating in Copenhagen

Eating and Experiencing Danish Food Culture

Eating food could be a way of experiencing one's society and their culture. We love food, and we love eating so much, especially the good ones. We hunted for quite a lot of places to eat and most of them were amazing as heaven. Although things were so expensive in Denmark, the food we paid was totally worth it. There's something you might consider having when you are in Copenhagen for a full day.


Having Breakfast While Waiting for Your Laundry

A breakfast is usually a "fast break" but you wouldn't want to finish your "break" this fast when you come to this cafe. This place is a combination of a laundry shop and a cafe. So basically you could wash your clothes straight away if you got stains on your clothes. But hopefully this wouldn't happen to any of you. The atmosphere there was amazing, the staff was so nice, and the main point was the food was yummy, too. The portion was huge which it's difficult to finish them all at once. The chocolate mousse went perfect with the pancake. The smoothie tasted good as well. This cafe is not located in the city centre and there's nothing touristy in the nearby. It was also quite expensive as a breakfast. Would you spend DK180 for a breakfast?

The Laundromat Cafe | Gammel Kongevej 96, 1850 Frederiksberg C, Denmark ★★★★☆


The Best Brazilian and Japanese Fusion Food is at Illum

We accidentally found this restaurant inside a shopping mall Illum. This was actually one of the restaurants in their food court. It was a fusion restaurant, combining Brazilian and Japanese food together. Those sushi were super delicious. We literally ordered an extra sushi handroll and a mochi dessert right after we finished the sushi. They were all so good. We wish we could try something different next time if we ever had a chance.

Rio Temakeria @ Illum | Ostergade 52, 1001 Kobenhavn K, Denmark ★★★★★


A High-end Fine Dining Experience in Copenhagen

This was the most expensive one from our list but it was definitely worth every penny. We made a booking in advance so we got the champagne for free. Every single plate was extraordinary. We liked the starters stuffed mushroom and the ribs, and the orange flavoured duck leg as our main course most. Their service was good, too. We just couldn't find anything bad there. This was definitely a good place to end a long exhausting day.

The Olive Kitchen & Bar | Norregade 22, 1165 Kobenhavn K, Denmark ★★★★★

Sorry we have to end here but next time if we were having a midnight snack, we wouldn't stop writing after the dinner section. Good night.


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