Art-on-the-go: Subway in Stockholm

People who live in cities seems to be a lot busier than we thought. I guess we are all busy. We might not even have spare time for unnecessary leisure but work only. Stockholm has given me a very creative and lively impression because I found art in the busiest places on earth: metro/subway. It's a really good chance for us to see art even when we are in a hurry, isn't it? There's more than 90 underground stops which has been creatively painted or installed with decorative artworks. It's a shame that I wasn't be able to reach all of them but I've picked 6 of the best stations that you should visit when you are there!

T-centralen Metro Station

This is the biggest terminal in Stockholm so I guess you'd have to pass here when you are going to/from the airport at some points. The shot above was taken inside the metro station but not the train station. So make sure you go to the right place. Haha!

Thorildsplan Metro Station

This could be the cutest metro station I've ever seen. It's full of pixelated wall art here. This stop isn't really that close to the central but I still don't know why this was the busiest station that I've been to when I was in Stockholm. If you want a nice picture of you, then you might need to wait for a bit until it's less crowded.

Skarpnack T-bana Metro Station

This stop is the final stop of this line. (Sorry I forgot which line it is... haha) So I guess why it was so empty when I arrived. I literally got off the train, took some pictures of the stone chairs and went back on the train straight away. That was quick, I know.

Tekniska Hogskolan Metro Station

I think this is the coolest station I've found here! There's quite a lot of different sculptures and installation arts in this station and they are all so pretty and cool! I spent like half an hour here and that was my longest stay in a single metro station.

Stadion Metro Station

Who doesn't love rainbow? I was so excited to see the rainbow wall in person! Before I came here, I thought this station would be very busy and it might take me long to wait until it's empty. However, there was just a few people around and I literally spent so much time here freely. Can you believe it?

Hogdalen Metro Station

This station is an open-air station, and it could be less impressive than the others to you since there are only fews flower sculptures in there. I think you should go see them if you are interested in sculptures as the scale is very funny and interesting.

What would be your favourite one?

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