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Before & After of Central Park

Central Park: Before the Storm

This article is not going to show you how we photoshopped Central Park but to let you see something even more interesting! Have you ever thought of how different the Central Park could be after a crazy storm? We could still remember the day before the storm was actually around 17c degree and we still couldn't even believe that it was in winter. And we literally told ourselves that the weather report could be inaccurate as it would be impossible to have a crazy storm at midnight when it was that warm in the afternoon.

The Snow Makes Central Park Sparkle

We thought we wouldn't have a chance to see the Central Park covered by snow like the last time we were there. But luckily the crazy storm helped us to achieve it! We were too excited about it so we went out for breakfast to feel the first bit of snow. Unfortunately the storm was too crazy that we couldn't manage to stand... we had to stay indoor, visited an art gallery before we finally went to Central Park.

Central Park: After the Storm

We were super keen and excited about taking pictures of a different Central Park and we did it eventually! We arrived there after the storm was gone. The weather was perfect for the camera. We couldn't even believe that it was the same Central Park we saw the other day. It looked so much like a new planet. Let's make a plan and come back for more photos in Spring and Summer time! What do you think?


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