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Top 10 NYC Attractions You Should Visit

Not to Miss New York City Attractions

Travelling to New York City had been our dream for so long and now our dream has finally come true, even twice. Although we think NYC was way under our expectation (as we have seen too many Hollywood movies that filmed in NYC) but there's still something that you shouldn't really miss out. 

Top 1 - The Most Romantic Tower in New York

Everyone's saying it's romantic to see the view with the other half from the top of the Empire State Building. And we can confirm that it's true. The view was spectacular and breathtaking. We can tell you that being up there alone wouldn't reduce how much you enjoyed yourself up there. You should check the weather before going otherwise you would waste your money and your precious time.

Empire State Building | 350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118, USA

Top 2 - The Biggest City Park in NYC

Central Park should look a lot prettier in spring and summertime. Most of the time we felt disappointed as we found NCY so dull and "ugly". Perhaps it was because it hadn't been snowing before we went there, so everything we saw was lots of "dead tree" in a dull brownish colour... the above photograph was actually taken after a crazy storm. And that was why we went back there again to see if we would capture another beauty side of the famous Central Park. And we swear it looked way much better with snow. We should thank for the storm, and the perfect weather afterward.

Central Park | New York City

Top 3 - The Indoor Market You Shouldn't Miss in NYC

If you like shopping, or fancy a window shopping, you should really go to Chelsea market. We also suggest that going up to The High Line to see Manhattan in an artistic side with a different angle. There are lots of shops, restaurants and markets, so basically you could find almost everything in one single market here. The thing that we liked most is the big corner that they sell loads of handmade products. It's really worth going as this indoor market is so pretty and lovely that you wouldn't want to leave in the end.

Chelsea Market | 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA

Top 4 - A Skyscraper in Lower Manhattan

This is another skyscraper that offers you a spectacular view of NYC which is located in lower Manhattan. It's really hard to choose which one to go for but we would say if you are going up to the Empire State Building, you will never see the building itself from far. And this is why we went up to One World Observatory to see if we could see NYC in a different angle that we might like as well. This building is a lot modern which they play some animation videos before you really enter to the top. That was a really big surprise for us as we didn't expect things like that, which we did enjoy watching it.

One World Observatory | 285 Fulton St, New York, NY 10006, USA

Top 5 - Free Ferry Ride in New York City

We know this isn't really an attraction but this has to be on your must-do list if you are going to NYC. Why? It's because the ferry is free to public! And you have the chance to look at Manhattan in another different angle again! The view was amazing too, which was finally something that we found it similar to the movies that we have seen... The other thing is, you will also have the chance to see the super famous Statue of Liberty on your left hand side, which means you don't even need to pay to really go there (unless you do really want to go there). Woohoo!

Staten Island Ferry | 4 Whitehall St, New York, NY 10004, USA

Top 6 - A Movie Favourite Terminal in NYC

If you like watching American drama, that's a place that you should visit. This beautiful Grand Central Terminal isn't just a transport station but it is also a place that's perfect for camera. We love the design of the station so much and we just couldn't believe that we stayed there for an hour long. We would say this could probably the prettiest old building that we have ever seen in NYC.

Grand Central Terminal | New York City

Top 7 - Walking Tour on Brooklyn Bridge

We don't really remember how much time we spent on the Brooklyn Bridge but we first travelled to the Brooklyn side by the subway, and then we walked back to Manhattan via the bridge. It seems like that was the only way to reach Brooklyn from Manhattan. It was quite busy there when the time we were there, so we didn't really take many photographs of it. So we suggest that you should go earlier to avoid the crowds.

Brooklyn Bridge | New York City

Top 8 - The Busiest Area in New York

Everyone thinks of Times Square when you mention New York City. Perhaps it's because of the films again. It feels like all the explosions and the bad guys love knocking it down. This place is a lot smaller than what we imagined. But this is definitely a place for you to feel the vibrating energy of NYC

Times Square | New York City

Top 9 - The No.1 Modern Art Museum in NYC

This would be the best place for you to go if you like modern and contemporary art. They have a huge collection of art. We are sure you could spend like a half day there. Also, we love their souvenir shop as they got plenty of creative products that we couldn't find elsewhere, which we think the price was reasonable and affordable as well.

MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) | 11 W 53 Rd St, New York, NY 10019

Top 10 - An Art Gallery for all Art Lovers

This museum is located opposite to the Central Park. We found this museum when we were on our way to Central Park. So we spent some time there and we loved it. The shape of the building is very interesting and it's quite easy to browse around. There are different floors of art and we suggest that you should probably take the lift up to the top floor first, then walking down to the ground so you make sure you see all of their art collections.  

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum | 1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128

There's always a reason for you to travel, and for us, there's always an excuse to visit a place more than once. And now we just can't wait to see when the day has come again. XOXO

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