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Bridges in Cambridge

Cambridge, the Home of Bridges

We have been to Cambridge for a few time and it is still fascinating to us. Cambridge is best-known for the excellent education of University of Cambridge. But also, the bridges are well-known as well. Why? That's how Cambridge was named! As there's so many bridges across the River Cam. You won't even know how many of them are actually out there! All we could remember was the famous Mathematics Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs

Taking on a Boat Trip in Cambridge

The best way to go through all of the famous bridges is by taking the little boat. It should only cost you about £10 each and the whole trip lasts almost for an hour, which we believe it's worth it. Although you would have to go on the boat with some other people, you would still be able to enjoy yourself. Besides, you would have a chance to meet someone from all around the world! 

Wandering Around the University of Cambridge Campuses

If you don't really feel like going on a boat with strangers, you should consider wandering around the campus instead and you should still be able to find something you like, too. Some of the campuses are not open to the public but you'll still be able to take a look from the outside.

Why not try a walk in the park nearby too? It's time to refresh yourself a bit before getting back to your busy world.


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