Bridges in Cambridge 劍橋的橋

I have been to Cambridge for a few time and it is still fascinating me. Cambridge is best-known of the excellent education of University of Cambridge. But also, the bridges are well-known as well. Why? Because that's how Cambridge was named! As there's so many bridges across the River Cam. And I don't even remember how many of them are there! All I can remember is the famous Mathematics Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs. 

即使我去過英國Cambridge 劍橋已經好幾次了,這地方對我來說還是挺有吸引力的。劍橋有著聞名世界的University of Cambridge 劍橋大學,但當然,另一樣有名的東西便是橋了。River Cam 康河上有著有多不同的橋,這也是康橋名字的由來,後來統一稱為劍橋。由於劍橋實在是有太多的橋了,我也沒辦法把全部都記起來,只知道兩條最有名的Mathematics Bridge 數學橋和Bridge of Sighs 嘆息之橋。

The best way to go through all of the famous bridges is by taking the little boat. It should only cost you about £10 each and the whole trip lasts almost for an hour, which I think it's worth it. Although you would have to go on the boat with some other people, you would still be able to enjoy yourself. Besides, you would have a chance to meet someone from all around the world! 


If you don't really feel like going on a boat with strangers, you should consider wandering around the campus and I am sure you would find something you like, too. Some of the campuses are not open to the public but you'll still be able to take a look from the outside. I simply just took images of the buildings and left if I wasn't allowed to get in there.


Why not try a walk in the park nearby too? It's time to refresh yourself a bit before getting back to your busy world.


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