5 Places within Easy Reach from London 五個接近倫敦的旅遊城市

If you think you have seen London enough, why not considering to go somewhere within easy reach from London? I have picked 5 places that I think every tourists would love to go to, where aren't really close to London but still within easy reach. These locations are perfect for a weekend stay, or even a day trip. So why not giving them a go?

假如你覺得你已經看夠了英國London 倫敦,你有想過要到其他倫敦附近的城市嗎?我選了五個我覺得遊客都會喜歡的地方,五個其實不是很近,但是又很容易從倫敦到達的城市。這些地方都很適合週未去,又或是來個一天遊,也是很不錯的。

Brighton 布萊頓

This place is definitely a paradise to someone who loves seaside and beaches. So the best time to go there has to be in summertime otherwise it would be freezing cold and you wouldn't be able to enjoy the sunshine with your bikini on. Last time I was in Brighton was in May which I thought it wouldn't be that cold but unfortunately I was totally wrong... I think the entire July should be perfect for a warm sunbathing. 

如果你喜歡到海邊城市或是沙灘,這裡就是人間天堂。所以布萊頓的最佳旅遊時段一定會是夏天,否則會十分冷,而且你就不會有穿比堅尼的機會了!這樣實在是太可惜了!上一次我來到布萊頓的時候是五月份,我還以為不會太冷,結果很不幸,我錯了⋯⋯ 所以我覺得整個七月會比較適合來到這裡曬曬太陽,感受一下溫暖的英國!

Cambridge 劍橋

You really have to visit Cambridge (at least) once in your life, and you should take a boat trip to see all the famous historical bridges there in one go. You wouldn't find anywhere like Cambridge in London so why not taking a train to Cambridge in about an hour, trying to get rid of the busy London, perhaps for just a day?


Oxford 牛津

Are you a Harry Potter fan? That's the place for you! I am not really a big fan of Harry Potter but that's what "happened" in my childhood which I would really love to see something that I saw when I was young, and I am sure you would love to do that, too. So let's go and spot all the scenes from the film series now!

你是否Harry Potter 哈利波特的粉絲?如果是,牛津一定是你要來的地方了!我其實也不算得上是哈利的粉絲,但是這個系列就正正在我的童年出現了。我非常好奇來到這裡,看看我從小到大看過的電影拍攝地,真的有種身在其中的感覺!我覺得你們也會喜歡的!趕快來看看你找到了什麼關於這電影的?

Sussex (Seven Sisters Country Park) 蘇塞克斯 (七姐妹國家公園)

Honestly, Sussex isn't really that easy to reach from London because you'll have to change a bus from Brighton first. Although there's no direct transport to reach Sussex from London, it's still worth a visit! I would suggest that you should stay in Brighton for a night, possibly on a weekend, then going to Sussex in the morning by catching the bus. It takes almost an hour from the city centre of Brighton and you'll need half a day if you would like to challenge yourself by walking the whole cliffside from Birling Gap (East Dean) back to Seven Sisters Country Park. I am so proud of myself that I did that and I think you should do it too. That's probably the only thing you can do there, isn't it?

說實在,蘇塞克斯從倫敦出發不太容易,因為你要先從布萊頓轉巴士才能到達。雖然是沒有直達的交通車,但是其實還是很值得一來的!所以我會建議你們先到布萊頓住一個晚上,最好是週未,之後第二天早上就可以坐巴士到蘇塞克斯了。從布萊頓的市中心到達蘇塞克斯需要大約一小時,假如你想挑戰爬崖,你需要預算大約半天從Birling Gap (East Dean) 比林峽走回到七姐妹國家公園。當我挑戰成功之後,我感到非常驕傲!我覺得你們也應該要去試試看!不然到那裡也沒什麼好幹了吧?

Windsor 溫莎

You wouldn't have any excuses not going to Windsor because it only takes around 50 minutes from London city centre. And if you like visiting castles, that's definitely a go-to place in your bucket list. But if you don't fancy visiting castles, perhaps you could go Legoland Windsor Resort for a day off! This place is perfect for family and kids, too. 


So what are you still waiting for? Let's go!


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