Christmas Lights Hunting in Leicester 搜尋萊斯特的聖誕燈飾

Woohoo it's Christmas eve today! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! What's your plan for tomorrow? I hope you'll all have an amazing great time with your loved ones! I don't know if you like Christmas lights or not but I love them so much! Everywhere is just so festival which makes me even more excited about Christmas! If you have seen the Christmas lights in London before, you probably knew that they haven't changed for few years. This is why I am going to show you something different this year. You might still think that the London's are the best and I won't doubt it. Take a look of the lights that I found in Leicester, what do you think?

終於來到平安夜了!我在這裡祝大家聖誕和新年快樂!你們明天有什麼計劃嗎?希望你們都會有一個愉快的假期喔!不知道你們喜不喜歡聖誕燈飾呢?我自己就挺喜歡的!因為燈飾讓整個城市都充滿著濃厚的聖誕氣氛,也讓我愈來愈期待聖誕節!如果你有在英國倫敦看過燈飾,你應該也會發現這幾年的燈飾其實都沒有變過。所以這次我要給你們看看別的!雖然你們應該還是會覺得倫敦的更好看,我也不能否認。現在就來看看Leicester 萊斯特今年的燈飾是怎樣吧!

I think they have to put more lights around the clock tower which would make Leicester more lively and a lot brighter. I have been living in Leicester for 4 years and this is the first year that I found a Christmas market here! I even told my friends that I found one, they didn't believe me...

我覺得他們應該要在Clock Tower 鐘樓附近再多放一點燈,看起來就會更亮更有氣氛了!我住在萊斯特已經四年了,以前都好像沒有看到聖誕市集的,今年我居然找到了個,跟朋友提了一下,他們都不相信⋯⋯ 好吧,我有照片,有真相哈哈!

I found this colourful Christmas lightings so strange though... Probably it's because I had only seen them in white or beige colours... what do you think?


Merry Christmas again! Enjoy your holiday! See you all later!


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