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City Escape to Peng Chau

A Quick Getaway to Peng Chau

Visiting an outlying island for a city escape is definitely the best thing to do especially when you can't go anywhere because of the current Coronavirus situation. Peng Chau would be a very good alternative choice for you apart from other popular islands like Cheung Chau and Lamma Island since it's less populated, small and easy to explore.

How to Get to Peng Chau from Central

Peng Chau is simply perfect for nature lovers! And it's also perfect for hiking beginners and whoever enjoys beaches and sunshine. The ferry from Central operates about every 45 minutes and takes about 40 minutes ferry ride from the Central Pier. Once you arrive, you will believe that you have actually been to somewhere out of Hong Kong, somewhere that has no more skyscrapers and a place that is full of fresh air. In here, you'll be able to find colourful buildings, streets and lanes with small shops and local restaurants. You might be in doubt whether this place actually exist in Hong Kong but you know the answer.

What to Eat in Peng Chau

Fill your tummy full before you start your day! This restaurant wasn't actually on our list but the one we supposed to go for was closed. Therefore, we randomly chose one as we had no choice. We couldn't say much about the food because we'd only tried that. Literally when we were there it was about 2pm and they had nothing else they could offer. We had to order the french toast even when we didn't feel like to have one. However, their french toast with melting egg yolk surprised us so much. It was literally one of the best.

坪洲冰室 | No.8A, Wing On Street, Peng Chau ★★★★☆

Hiking Adventures in Peng Chau

To look for better and fresher air, you should go hiking. You can't say no to that because it only takes you less than half an hour walking (or hiking if you prefer) from the pier to the top of Peng Chau Finger Hill. You can also take a rest, capture a few pictures and enjoy the view before you finally reached out to the sitting-out area. Are we still in Hong Kong, by the way?

We aimed to come back for a getaway when it's sunny. See you again soon, Peng Chau!


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