Discovering Discovery Bay 輕鬆遊走愉景灣

Discovery Bay is a perfect destination for a quick escape from bustle town in Hong Kong, where it really is located in Lantau Island, Hong Kong but feels like to be somewhere foreign. This was actually my first visit and I enjoyed my time here so much! It made me feel so relaxed, slow-pathed, just like the old times when I was in the UK.


First thing first,

How to Get to Discovery Bay?

  1. Take bus no. DB01R from Tung Chung or bus no. DB02R at Hong Kong International Airport or bus no. DB03R from Sunny Bay MTR Station for Discovery Bay Plaza.

  2. Take bus no. DB02A at Hong Kong International Airport or bus no. DB03P from Sunny Bay MTR Station for Discovery Bay North Plaza.

  3. Ferry is also available 24/7 from Central Pier.



  1. 從東涌坐巴士 DB01R 或 從香港國際機場坐巴士 DB02R 或 從欣澳港鐵站坐巴士 DB03R 到愉景廣場

  2. 從香港國際機場坐巴士 DB02A 或 從欣澳港鐵站坐巴士 DB03P 到愉景北商場

  3. 可從中環碼頭坐24小時開放的渡輪到愉景灣

What to Do in Discovery Bay?

  1. Enjoy your meal in the D'Deck area with amazing food and the atmosphere

  2. Do a sunbathing in Tai Pak Beach

  3. Browse around the Sunday market on specific dates (Check before you go)

  4. Take photos with the Love Lock Promenade in DB North Plaza

  5. Visit the Instagrammable White Chapel


  1. 臨海露天美食區享受美食和當下的好氣氛

  2. 大白灣沙灘享受日光浴

  3. 到不定期的週日市集逛街(去前請先留意開放日子)

  4. 愉景北商場心鎖長廊拍照

  5. 海濱白教堂打卡

What to Eat at D'Deck?

Koh Tomyums

Floor 1, D'Deck, Discovery Bay Road

I randomly picked this restaurant because the menu was very attractive to me. The food was excellent! Can you even imagine having a pretzel with satay dipping sauce? I was trying to be adventurous for food so I ordered it and it was exceptionally amazing as they were really a good match. I also loved the Thai noodle and the potato with garlic so much! Everything here was in high quality and I would definitely come back for more next time!



Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

I just can't wait to rediscover Discovery Bay again soon! What about you?




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