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Different Angles of Prague

Prague in Autumn is Stunning

We knew Prague was beautiful... everyone said the same thing... but we never knew that Prague was this beautiful until we finally visited there. Four days were just about right to see Prague enough. However, we recommend that you should visit there at least four times to see Prague in all different seasons.

Observing Prague for Free at Letna Park

The most famous things in Prague must be bridges over Vltava River. One of them is called Charles Bridge, which is an historic bridge with lots of different statues and sculptures on it. However, it was always crowded because there were also lots of small markets with loads of handmade stuff selling from the artists themselves. Therefore, if you really wanted to spend a quiet hour there, you should go there a bit earlier to avoid crowds.

The closer you look, the less you see. So why not taking a walk to Letna Park where it is just located opposite to the Old town? It is only few bridges away from the famous Charles Bridge. You will be able to see the panoramic view of Prague as a whole.

Astronomical Clock is Not just a Clock but also an Observatory Tower

There is one thing that you shouldn't miss when you are in Prague too. The well-known Astronomical Clock is one of the signature landmark in Prague. If you are aimed to see more Prague as a whole, that's also a place for you. It's not just a clock for you to see, but also a tower for you to get up there and take a look of this pretty Prague. You won't be able to see the bridges from here but you'll be able to see something different from here. So which part of Prague you like most? We say, 'all.'


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