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It's a Colourful Day in Prague!

Prague is beautiful in their own way and everybody should know it. This time we are going to show you another side of Prague, where it is not only beautiful but also pretty in colours. How many colours can you name them out from our pictures? It’s very hard to say. It is possibly more than a thousand there. Now, let’s see what you can do in such beautiful and colourful city, Prague!

Having a Romantic Picture on a Tower

The well-known Prague Astronomical Clock is actually a clock tower and an observatory deck. This is the oldest astronomical clock on earth that is still in use and working perfectly fine. It's not just as simple as a clock; it performs on the hour from 9am to 9pm. You should never leave the tower without watching the clock performance and take a picture of you with the romantic view of Old Town Square (A so-called Prague Square without a fountain). This beautiful photo spot is every girl's dream.

Is Having an Italian Lunch in Prague a Good Idea?

No. It was totally a bad idea, especially in this restaurant... honestly, this is nothing like Italian to us. The tomato soup was as thick as ketchup. The mash with chicken breast was just so-so. We couldn't even remember the taste at all as it was too normal.

Il Palazzo | Husova 5, 110 00 Stare Mesto, Czechia ★★☆☆☆

”Dancing like a House”

How do you dance like a house? Dancing House gives you a perfect example of it. This modern architecture has a unique design and is shaped like a lady with arms and legs. So from now on, you could try to use this phrase to describe someone, or even yourself whoever danced like the Dancing House in Prague.

Enjoying Afternoon Tea like You were in Paris

Are all the liquids in Prague so thick? The hot chocolate in here was too thick just like a chocolate sauce. We are not a fan of that... for a single moment we thought we were drinking the Nutella... but it was good that their tasty signature cake was lovely and we enjoyed our tea time there after a long walk.

Cafe Louvre | Narodni 22, 110 00 Nove Mesto, Czechia ★★★☆☆

Walking into a Fairytale for an Incredible View of Prague

We simply love exploring the area of the Prague Castle, where you can find everything from a palace and churches to a park and markets. Our favourite is definitely St. Vitus Cathedral. It does not only offer the beautiful architecture, but also a panoramic view of Prague. The interior of the cathedral with all those colourful stained glass windows is just magnificent. So is the view! This is what we call a fairytale.

Looking for Treasures in No.22 Golden Lane

We almost spent three hours exploring the area of Prague Castle as there were so much to see. Golden Lane is one of the attractions within the area that you shouldn't miss, with lots of shops and art markets (formerly someone's houses) where you could possibly find the best and delicate souvenirs in here. These little cute houses painted in bright colours are definitely worth a visit. It's the best spot for shopping and photos!

Eating Dinner in a Czechia Pub

Before we found this pub, we thought we would never be able to find some decent food in Prague. This pub was so busy and it was very difficult to find ourselves a seat. It was quite dark in there, but we loved the atmosphere very much. We ordered a roasted chicken and it was amazing. The skin was so crispy and the meat was so tender. We also love the gravy so much and we used it as the dipping for the fries. We never thought of making lemon sorbet in a real lemon. It was a pleasure night there after all.

U Glaubicu | Malostranske nam. 266/5 118 00 Mala Strana, Czechia ★★★★☆

Painting Your Freedom for Free

This Lennon Wall is the symbol of peace and freedom. It’s definitely the most vibrant and colourful place in Prague, located very close to the famous Charles Bridge with historical statues, and pop-up markets alongside the bridge every weekend if you like handcrafted art and other accessories.

Let us restate the title: Freedom Has Never Been Free. We all pay our price for that; it could just be a bucket of paint that you bought from a grocery shop, or a body covered with bruises and wounds. That’s not what we wanted to see, but we all fight for the freedom we deserve in our own way. Hurrah to those who are dare to say, to fight and to strive for our better future.

Let‘s spread these colours to everywhere and make every day a colourful day!


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