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Eating & Shopping in Lagos

Eating & Shopping in Lagos City Centre

We aimed to browse around the city centre a bit today. We didn't go to the beaches but it was still a relaxing day to us. We first went to a seafood restaurant at lunch time before wandering around in the city centre.

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Seafood is a Must-Eat in Lagos

Their signature dish is a huge crab! The crab was super large! We weren't able to finish 1/3 of it... so we suggest that you should just order one and share with someone else if you have a small stomach. This crab was a bit salty with a strong taste of sea salt, and it's true that it was super fresh! The salad came with the carb on top was a perfect balance which made it a lot better to consume with. The price was reasonable for such a huge crab but it's just a waste as we couldn't finish the whole thing. SAD!

Das Restaurant Don Sebastiao | R. 25 de Abril 20-22, 8600-763 Lagos, Portugal ★★★★☆

Not to Miss the Souvenirs from Lagos

We started our city centre walk after a full big meal. We found an amazing market just right next to the river near the train station. We spent some time there and we both got a cute cork made backpack at the end.

We love collecting stamps and magnets from all over the world. And these are two things that we normally would buy in a trip. This time we found some stamps inside a sardine can! Can you believe it? Perhaps we'd never know what these stamps look like since we'd never want to open it this cute little can forever sealed.

Nothing is better than having a great dinner after a long shopping day, isn't it? We finally had a relaxing dinner in the evening as we had enough time to enjoy our food.

Looking for the Perfect Restaurant in Lagos

We didn't plan to go to this restaurant but we accidentally found it when we were on the way to a shop. This restaurant looked nice and the price was affordable so we gave it a go. The main course we ordered was a slow cooked pork with its crispy skin which we liked most! The potato mash was super soft and milky and the sauce went so well with the meat and the mash, too. We simply couldn't find anything to complain with. We also ordered a tasty strawberry pudding as a dessert. When it came, we were so shocked because we didn't expect that in that size...

Quay Lagos, Bar Bistro | Estr. de Sao Roque, 8600-780 Lagos, Portugal ★★★★★

We never thought how fun Portugal could be until we came here. This is definitely a place for foodies, travellers and especially dreamers. Hope to see you again soon, Lagos!



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