Eating & Shopping in Lagos 拉各斯的吃和買

I went back from the paradise side and browsed around the city a bit today. I didn't go to the beaches but it was still a relaxing day to me. I first went to a seafood restaurant at lunch time before wandering around in the city centre.

這次我沒有到葡萄牙Lagos 拉各斯的海邊,就在市中心逛。今天相對來說也算是比較輕鬆的一天,一開始我中午時間就去了一家吃海鮮的餐廳,之後再出發去逛街囉!

Das Restaurant Don Sebastiao

R. 25 de Abril 20-22, 8600-763 Lagos, Portugal

My friend and I both ordered their signature dish - a huge crab! I don't know if you can tell by the picture which the crab was super huge! I wasn't able to finish 1/3 of it and I'm not even kidding... so I suggest that you should just order one and share with someone else if you have a small stomach. (I have a big one but still...) Anyway, I think this crab was a bit salty with a strong taste of sea salt, and it's true that it was super fresh! The salad came with the carb on top was a perfect balance which made it a lot better to consume with. The price was reasonable for such a huge crab but it's just waste as I couldn't finish the whole thing. SAD!

我跟朋友每人各自都點了他們家有名的菜,就是一只超級大的蟹!不知道你們從圖片有沒有看出來,真的是超級大!說真的我連三分之一都沒吃到⋯⋯ 所以我覺得你們可以就只點一份來分享一由其是如果你的胃不大,因為我挺能吃的,但都不行!我覺得這蟹帶有點海鹽的鹹,所以還真的有點鹹!不過就是挺新鮮的!這個配上沙拉後比較好,就沒那麼鹹了!而且這麼大的一只蟹,價格還是挺合理的,就是沒辦法吃完,有點可惜而已。

We started our city centre walk after a full big meal. We found an amazing market just right next to the river near the train station. We spent some time there and we both got a cute cork made backpack at the end. I love it so much! Guess which one's mine?


Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

I love collecting stamps and magnets from all over the world. And these are two things that I normally would buy in a trip. I don't usually talk about the souvenirs that I bought during my trips. However, I have to share this to you all because I had never seen such thing like this before! Stamps inside a sardine can! Can you believe it? Now I am just super regretted that I didn't buy two that time! Since I'd never want to open it to ruin this perfect sealed can... perhaps I'd never know what these stamps look like...

我非常喜歡收集世界各地不同的郵票和磁鐵。所以一般來說我在旅遊的時候都會給自己買這些東西。但是我平常都很少跟大家分享我買到的紀念品,不過這次真的要給大家看看我買到的東西!這個郵票居然是在沙丁魚罐頭裡面!是不是很特別?我現在只是很後悔為什麼我當時沒有買兩盒。 看來這些郵票以後都會封印在這個罐頭裡面了⋯⋯ 到底它長怎樣,我也不是很清楚哈哈!

Nothing is better than having a great dinner after a long shopping day, isn't it? I finally had a relaxing dinner today as I had enough time to enjoy my food.


Quay Lagos, Bar Bistro

Estr. de Sao Roque, 8600-780 Lagos, Portugal

We didn't plan to go to this one but we accidentally found it when we were on the way to a shop. This restaurant looked nice and we both thought that the price was affordable so we gave it a go. I love my main course so much. It's a slow cooked pork with its crispy skin which I liked most! The potato mash was super smooth and milky and the sauce went so well with the meat and the mash too. I simply couldn't find anything to complain with. After I finished my main course and I just ordered a tasty strawberry pudding as a dessert. When it came, I was so shocked because I didn't expect that in that size... if you can tell the size from my picture. I literally asked my friend to eat some for me. LOL

我們其實沒有計劃要到這家的,只是剛好在逛街的路上找到,覺得餐廳看起來挺有感覺,而且價格相宜,我們就決定要去試試看啦!我超級喜歡我的主菜,那個慢煮豬肉超好吃,由其是那塊超級脆的豬皮,真的不得了!薯蓉口感很滑,帶著香濃的奶味!那個醬跟肉和薯蓉都很配。基本上就是找不到可以批評的地方哈哈!最後我還另外點了一個好吃的草莓布甸。當它來到我面前的時候,我真的是嚇了一跳⋯⋯ 怎麼會這麼大⋯⋯ 最後我還是要叫朋友幫我吃點哈哈!

Overall 總括而言: ★★★★★

I never thought how fun Portugal could be until I came to here. This is definitely a place for foodies, travellers and especially dreamers. Hope to see you again soon, Lagos!


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