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Expert Brighton Travel Guide & A Bonus Trip to Sussex Countryside

Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton has been one of the top favourite cities in the UK that not just the tourists, but also the locals enjoy visiting there for a short vacation during summer. This English seaside town has everything you'll ever need for a summer holiday: a sandy beach plus the iconic Brighton Pier with amusement arcades. Who doesn't love Brighton this way?

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach
Royal Pavilion & Pavilion Gardens
Royal Pavilion & Pavilion Gardens

Brighton has never been running out of places that are family-friendly, like the Brighton Palace Pier and its rides and attractions. If you are there with friends, hitting the Brighton Beach in Summer is always a good idea. There are many other things that you can do in Brighton...

Things to Do in Brighton

  1. Hitting the Brighton Beach

  2. Having fun at Brighton Palace Pier and ride the attractions

  3. Visiting the royal residence Royal Pavilion & the beautiful Pavilion Gardens

  4. Taking selfies with the Upside Down House Brighton

  5. Instragramming the Hove Beach Huts

  6. Shopping at the Brighton Open Market

Seven Sisters Country Park
Seven Sisters Country Park

Brighton is actually part of Sussex county and it's the most visited city within the area. If you've got some spare time in your Brighton trip, why not visiting Sussex countryside in the nearby? East Sussex is within easy reach from Brighton city centre and it's very close to the well-known country park that you should definitely visit...

Things to Do in Sussex

  1. Exploring the Seven Sisters Country Park

  2. Begin the climb from National Trust Birling Gap

  3. Spot the red Beachy Head Lighthouse from a background of white chalk cliffs

Seven Sisters Country Park
Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters
Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters

How to Get to Sussex Countryside from Brighton City Centre

There are several ways to get to Sussex countryside while buses are considered to be the cheapest and easiest way to travel around the district.

  • Bus 12x runs every 20 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays between Brighton and Eastbourne while it could take you to stops such as Seven Sisters Country Parks, Birling Gap and Eastbourne.

  • Bus 13x provide limited service every 30 minutes on Sundays to Seven Sisters and Beachy Head.


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