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First Day Out in Faro

Faro could be the Reason You Love Portugal

This was our second time to visit Portugal and we are now totally in love with this country! Our first trip to Lisbon, Portugal was a year and a half ago, and we could still remember how much we didn't like about Lisbon. So we didn't except to see anything spectacular here, and this might be the main reason why we liked Faro that much. Since you would feel more disappointed if you had higher expectation while it didn't really quite reach what you had expected. 

We didn't really have a plan for our first day out in Faro because we arrived there about lunch time. Therefore we had a super small lunch (a Portuguese egg tart) once we got off from the plane. We then spent few hours in Faro Old Town where is located exactly in town, and wandered around to take photographs of everything surrounded.

Museu Arqueologico is an Instagrammable Museum

This building Museu Arqueologico is actually a museum. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to see the exhibitions there since they were closing in 15 minutes when we arrived... So we literally just got in, ran, and randomly took lots of photographs of the building. (Ain't nobody got time for this!) The garden inside is pretty, isn't it?

Looking for the Authentic Portuguese Dishes

Finally, we decided to enjoy a slow-paced dinner after that rushing time... we asked them to recommend some traditional dishes from Portugal, and they told us to order a seafood congee. The menu was in Portuguese so we never really know that name of the dish. When we were about to order the dish that she recommended, she literally told us that we might not like it... but we were so brave to try new things so we still made the order. The taste was fine, ordinary, but also special. We had never eaten a dish with such combination of bread, seafood and rice. And we finally understood why the lady told us that we might not like it. As we don't really like it much, but we don't hate eating it either. 

Velha Casa | R. do Pe da Cruz33, 8000-246 Faro, Portugal ★★☆☆☆

What's the strangest food you've ever had? Tell us!



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