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Free Time in Paphos

Visiting Paphos as Our First Stop in Cyprus

We never really planned to visit Paphos as our priority travel destination. We went there for an art exhibition opportunity in The Collage of Art Cyprus in Paphos. Honestly, we knew nothing about the country Cyprus or the city Paphos until we actually get there. We are so glad that we were invited to be part of the exhibition which let us discover more about Cyprus through the trip to Paphos.

Going to the Beaches in Paphos is a Must

We spent quite a few days there and we literally found nothing to do except going to the beaches. The weather was nice and warm there. Unfortunately we didn't bring any swimsuits with us, so we couldn't go swimming or sunbathing. What we did was to wander around the village and take some beautiful photographs.

Getting Lost is the Travel Spirit

Instead of going to the beaches, we preferred hiking. We actually explored quite a lot of areas in the nearby. We climbed up and down, passed through a very small cave and discovered somewhere that a tourist wouldn't usually go to. This could be one of the reasons why we enjoy travelling. Sometimes it's even better not to do any planning and just to get lost! This totally allows you to discover something that you never expect to see. Are you with us?

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