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"No Result" Art Exhibition in Cyprus

Joining an Art Exhibition in Cyprus

Well Voyaged was invited to participate in an art exhibition in Cyprus last week and that's why we were there! We still couldn't believe that we were having an international exhibition elsewhere than UK and Hong Kong, which means so much to us! Thank you so much for the opportunity! This wasn't a big exhibition though, we are still so proud of ourselves that we made it under limitations and conditions!

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Exclusive Artwork Presents for One Day Only

All these photographs were taken within our week-long stay in Paphos, and they were printed on polaroid. Therefore, in this No Result exhibition, we were presenting a tailor-made work that no one has ever seen before, and they were up on the exhibition for a day only.

Every Single Picture is a History of Your Memory

These low-definition polaroid give us a touch of vintage which also create a past-time in our present day now. It's true that camera can only capture our past since whenever the shutter shuts, that second was gone. Would you consider it as part of your memories?

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