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Gucci Garden Archetypes Experience in Hong Kong

For the 100th anniversary of this luxury fashion brand Gucci, Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibition was held in the origin birthplace Florence and Shanghai, and is now coming to Tai Kwun Hong Kong in Central and will be open to the public from tomorrow 25th June until 9th July 2021. You will be able to enter six different studio rooms and discover the artistic inspirations behind the brand, from our fashion world and Gucci's beautiful collections, to editorial photo scenes and pop influences. Every single spot is insta-worthy! The entrance is free. You may make your appointment in advance and secure your visiting time here.

1. Control Room - Behind the Scenes

The first room you will be entering is an arranged behind-the-scenes control room in the dark. From all the divided screens you'll be able to see the live situation of the fashion show. The whole installation showcases various Gucci advertising projects and it is now displayed in loop.

2. Gucci Collectors' Closets

This mirrored Gucci Collectors' shoe cabinet expands in vision and forms infinity. Every Gucci's fan is going to fall in love with this space. This studio room was inspired by the AW 2018 advertising project. Everywhere is filled with mirrors and floor-to-ceiling shelves. You'll be able to find plenty of Gucci loafers (some of them are even special edition), stunning ceramics, dolls and plushes in the room that everybody is going to die for.

3. Gucci Hallucination Painting on Walls & Ceiling

A painting Gucci Hallucination by artist Ignasi Monreal is filled all over on walls and the ceiling. It was created for the Gucci's SS 2018 series. If you look a bit closer to the details of the painting, you'll be able to spot some funny things such as an angel holding a post-it note and find a sense of humours from this work.

4. Gucci Bloom - In Bloom

You are about to enter to a flowery paradise with a strong fragrance of their signature perfume Gucci Bloom. This scene was used as a fantasy of a secret garden for their advertising campaign. There is a pink embroidery sofa placed in the middle of flower-filled space. It makes a perfect installation art for photo, doesn't it?

5. Tokyo Lights

This gorgeous room recreates the scenes of FW 2016 advertising projects and takes everyone on a journey to Tokyo. Glitter flakes are everywhere in the room. Their products shine and glow in the dark with a touch of colourful neon lights and flashes. It gives us a sense of Tokyo style and our beautiful future.

6. The Beloved Show

The last room of the exhibition is a scene that recreated from the late night talk show "Gucci Beloved Show" hosted by James Gorden. The handbags displayed here was carried by the guests in the talk show. What an interesting experience to sit back, chitchat and take pictures with your friends in front of the camera together!

Bonus - Gucci Garden Souvenirs

At the end of the self-tour, you'll be able to purchase some of the Gucci Garden exclusive products and souvenirs in the exhibition, from beautiful postcards and branded tote bags to practical notebook and gorgeous paper weight. Nothing can certainly stop you from buying some home, right?



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