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Hair Cutting Experience in Warsaw

Changing a New Hair Style in Warsaw

We weren't entirely sure if we really wanted to have our hair cut in a country that we probably couldn't communicate with them properly. However it was a Sunday which almost every single public museum, gallery and even shopping mall were all closed. so why not having our hair cut in Warsaw on Sunday?

On the day, we googled all the nearby hair salons that we could possibly go to. But most of them were fully booked. We were so disappointed but we finally found one that could take our appointments in the afternoon! Woohoo! It was a shame that we forgot to take their business card at the end...

An Unusual Haircutting Experience out of the Comfort Zone

The lady was very friendly and nice to us. Although she couldn't speak English, we could still understand each other sometimes. She cut our hair for 2/3 shorter, and dyed our hair from dark black to dark purple. We couldn't find that specific colours that we wanted inside the catalogue and we know it would be very hard to explain everything to her. Therefore we had to compromise on the colours that she could do for us. At the end she used a calculator to display the prices to us.

That was a very interesting and exciting "project" that we had been involved in. And we liked our new hairstyles so much! Thank you our anonymous hairstylist! Good luck to you all if you are also going to have a hair cut in an unfamiliar place. Enjoy and have fun!



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