Hair Cutting Experience in Warsaw 在華沙的剪髮趣事

I wasn't entirely sure if I really wanted to have my hair cut in a country that I probably couldn't communicate with them properly. Unfortunately it was a Sunday which almost every single public museum, gallery and even shopping mall was closed. I asked myself what I should do on a Sunday in Warsaw, so why not having my hair cut there?

其實我本來也不確定自己到底是不是真的要在波蘭Warsaw 華沙剪頭髮,感覺就是很冒險,因為可能大家都溝通不到。但是當日是星期天,幾乎所有公共博物館,美術館,即使是大型的購物中心也沒有開門⋯⋯ 當時一下子我只想到去剪頭髮!

On that day, I googled all the nearby hair salons that I could possibly go to. But most of them were fully booked. I was so disappointed but I finally found one that could take my appointment in the afternoon! Woohoo! I am sorry I don't remember neither the name of the salon nor where it was located as I just randomly selected from what I had found on google maps...


The lady was very friendly and nice to me. Although she couldn't speak English, we could still understand each other sometimes. I asked her to cut my hair for 2/3 shorter, and to dye my hair from dark black to dark purple. I was planning to have my hair dyed in a different colour but I couldn't find that specific colours inside the catalogue. But I know it would be very hard to explain everything to her. So I just sticked to the colours that they did. And the funniest part is, we used a calculator to display the number of the prices...


That was a very interesting and exciting "project" that I had been involved in. And I liked my new hairstyles so much! Thank you my anonymous hairstylist! Good luck to you if you are also going to have a hair cut in an unfamiliar place. Enjoy and have fun!

我覺得這個活動非常有趣又刺激!而且我非常喜歡我的新髮型!感謝我的不知名造型師哈哈!如果你們也想試試在陌生的地方剪頭髮⋯⋯ 祝你好運!哈哈!

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