Highlights of Vienna, Austria 奧地利維也納之精選遊

Top 5 Places You Should Visit in Vienna

What do you expect to see in the capital city of Austria, Vienna? One of the most impressive things could be their architectures. All of their buildings, from palaces and churches, to museums and apartments has their own significant style. Here are five highlighted places that you should check them all out before leaving Vienna. Put them all onto your bucket list now!



Belvedere Palace with Sunset is the Best Combo

This Belvedere Palace is probably one of the prettiest palaces you will ever seen. Their beautiful garden and its gorgeous exterior of the palace are the evidences. The best time to get there is right before sunset so you get to see the stunning view for free. You should definitely get inside to have a look, too!



Schonbrunn Palace is a Major Tourist Attraction in Vienna

Schonbrunn Palace gives you an alternative option for visiting a palace in Vienna. However, this palace is way too large therefore the garden looks way too empty. The palace itself looks quite lonely, especially on a cloudy and snowy day. Photography is not allowed inside the palace so make sure you take pictures outside!


美泉宮便是維也納宮殿的另一選擇了。可是,這裡沒有麗城宮的美,而且可能因為太大了,顯得花園更空虛,尤其是剛好在多雲又下雪的時候去了,整個地方就感覺更寂寞了⋯⋯ 記得在外面多拍點照片,到裡面就不給拍的囉。

St. Stephen's Cathedral Opens to the Public for Free

Nothing would be the same if you didn't visit a church in Europe. St. Stephen's Cathedral is located at the heart of Vienna. You could simply just come across it a thousand time unintentionally. This cathedral looks gorgeous! We absolutely love the ceiling on the outside. However, the cathedral was quite dark inside, it was quite creepy... you probably won't expect something like that from the exterior. But you know what, it's free to enter to the cathedral, so why not?


到歐洲旅行怎可以不參觀教堂呢?聖斯蒂芬大教堂就剛好在維也納的市中心,基本上你可能每天都會不經意地經過這裡幾百遍。這大教堂真的很好看!我們真的很喜歡它的屋頂!可是裡面超級黑,而且感覺很恐怖⋯⋯ 說真的,看著外面的屋頂,真的不會想到裡面會是這樣的⋯⋯ 不過反正是免費進去參觀的,不去白不去喔。

Maria-Theresien-Platz is the Best Relaxing Square in Vienna

In this museum square Maria-Theresien-Platz, you could find a Museum of Modern Arts, some historical statues and a relaxing garden. This building itself looks like a palace; it looks even better than Schonbrunn Palace, do you agree? This area wasn't busy at all so you could enjoy yourself in here like nobody's watching. It's the best chill area ever!



Hundertwasserhaus is the New Landmark of Vienna

If you are looking for something unique, Hundertwasserhaus is definitely one of the must-go in Vienna. This area has the most interesting and artistic apartment building! Here you could also find a tourist attraction Hundertwasser Village, it offers some cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and interesting spots for photos! You should come here as early as possible or you would meet loads of people in groups of tour.



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