Hotel Review: Casa Blanca By The Sea Resort in Cebu 入住宿霧度假酒店

It's extremely important to stay in a good hotel during your vacation period or your trip will end up ruined by terrible customer service and horrible bedroom for nights after any exhausting days of exploring (especially if you are a tourist). I am so happy that my Cebu holiday went well since I found this amazing resort through I literally never left the resort for entirely two days and there's still so much to do and see in there. It was a lovely experience to just chill in such beautiful place and I would love to come back again in the future.

不想因為糟糕的服務品質和房間環境影響到你寶貴的假期,尤其是當了一整天的旅客後想好好休息一下,那就要好好選擇一家質素好的酒店了。我很開心我的宿霧假期過得非常好,主要是因為在 上找到了一家超級棒的度假酒店。基本上我在的入住的兩天內都沒有出去過,光是在裡面就有很多可以做和看的東西了。在這麼漂亮的地方裡偷閒真的是一件美好的事情喔,我以後一定要再回來的!

Casa Blanca By The Sea - the white house by the sea. In Spanish, casa means "home" and blanca means "white". This private resort with a white house is located in Olango Island, where it takes only 10-minute tricycle distance away from the Santa Rosa port to there.

Casa Blanca By The Sea - 在海邊的白色房子。在西班牙語裡,casa 的意思是「家」,而 blanca 的意思是「白色的」。在奧蘭戈島上的這家私人度假酒店,從聖羅莎碼頭坐三輪摩托車來也只要十分鐘喔。

How to get there:

From Cebu City - Take a grab or taxi to Hilton port (Movenpick Hotel) in Mactan Island first, get a ticket (PHP15) to Santa Rosa from the cashier and then pay (PHP5) for the terminal fee. From Olango Island (Santa Rosa) - Take a tricycle to Casa Blanca By The Sea for (PHP120). Please note that the price varies and you should make a deal before you get on. Off you go.


從宿霧市出發 - 先乘坐 Grab 或計程車到馬丹島上的莫文皮克碼頭(希爾頓酒店),到售票處買船票(菲幣15塊)到聖羅莎站,入站時需另付(菲幣5塊)的碼頭費。

從奧蘭戈島(聖羅莎碼頭)出發 - 直接坐上三輪摩托車到酒店便可。一程車費是菲幣120塊,記得跟司機說好才上車喔。出發囉~

There are few types of room available in the resort and this time we chose to stay in the Deluxe Room. Unlike the Timber Room, the Deluxe Rooms are all situated at the second floor of the white house with an extraordinary view of the private pool and beach. The balcony is shared, so even if you didn't book the deluxe room, you would still be able to enjoy the overlooking view of the sea from the building.


The Deluxe room we stayed in is spacious, especially for two persons only. There are two double beds so it definitely fits up to four people. The bathroom is huge too. It has a bathtub in it. In overall, the room was very clean and it had every basic thing we ever need.


Before I arrived, I was worried about how we could feed ourselves as it seemed like there were no restaurant around (or there were some but I didn't know). A staff came to our door, showed us their food menu and took our order for dinner when we settled down ourselves in our room. Thanks goodness they literally killed my anxiety. Breakfast is included in the price. So basically we had their breakfast and dinner in two days. I loved the breakfast with view. It looked so much better than the night view because you would barely see anything in the evening... LOL Although I forgot what I'd ordered, their food was in very high standard.


What I liked most was their service. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Their service was excellent. We enjoyed our stay here very much! The price is reasonable and it is definitely worth every penny! I would definitely come back again if I visit Cebu someday in the future.


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