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On a Hopping Tour to Cebu Islands

Join a Tour and they will Take Care of the Rest

Cebu and Mactan is best known for their outlying islands and island hopping activities; no one can leave the city without going on a proper island hopping tour. You can either hire a private tour guide and go on a boat trip or join a hopping tour by a travel agency in advance. It's so much easier to simply just book a day trip on the Internet; all you need to do is to pay, be present and to enjoy the whole journey.

Make Caohagan Island as Your First Stop

Hop onto a local ferry Banca and start your journey to Caohagan Island! This outlying island was made extremely popular by the commercial and it's now commonly known as Shiseido Island. Nothing would be the same without a visit to Caohagan Island. You shall be able see a variety of gorgeous islands where each place offers something that you can't find it elsewhere. From here, you can wander around the village and discover more about their crafted houses. Don't miss out the souvenirs stalls if you are looking for some nice gifts from here!

Have a Buffet Lunch at the Seaside Restaurant

The Nalusuan Restaurant do not only offer a fresh seafood buffet but also an amazing view of the sea with incredibly clear water. Nalusuan Island is a perfect peaceful place for swimming and snorkelling. But if you don't fancy doing it, you can still walk along the famous long wooden bridge and enjoy the sunshine in your favourite way.

Snorkel with Tropical Fish at San Vicente

Before heading back to Cebu City, you shall make a stop at San Vicente, where it is located on Olango Island. It's not that easy to find a whale shark there but you will be able to see loads of lovely fish and various coral reefs. Nemo and Dory are waiting for you!

How does an island hopping tour sound to you? Would you like to try?



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