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How to Play Monopoly Deal Card Game: Rules & Review

Monopoly, a classic board game that has been published for more than 80 years, has now been recreated into a brand new card game - Monopoly Deal. In this game, you don't need to be the one who has the most cash in hand but to own 3 full different coloured property sets to win the game. Does this sound easy to you? It's too soon to tell! Let's read on to find out how to play Monopoly Deal in just a few easy steps!

Monopoly Deal Card Game

Category - Hand Management Card Game

Difficulties - ★★☆☆☆

Players - 2-5 Players

Playing Time - 20 Minutes

Recommended Ages - 8+


  • 110 Cards

  • Instructions

How to Win

The first player who collects different coloured properties in 3 full sets will be the winner.

Monopoly Deal Card Game


Shuffle the cards well and deal 5 to each player at the beginning. Leave the rest in the centre as the draw pile. Play clockwise and start from the youngest player.

How to Play

On your turn, take two cards from the draw pile to your hand. Play up to three cards in any order each round. You may play any Property cards onto the table in front of you, Money cards to build up a 'Bank' pile next to your properties, or any Action card in the centre as a discard pile.

All cards can be used as Money card. The value is shown inside the red ring in the corner of each card. Once they were put into the Bank, the cards would always be a Money card till end of game.

Each Property card shows you how many properties there are to collect in full set. You may also reorganise your property collection on your turn. Play Action cards to do things such as charge other players rent, steal their property, or even say no to cancel the effect of an action card played against you and more.

If you can't afford the rent, you must pay your Property card on the table but not from your hand. No change is given. So make sure you have enough Money cards and changes, too!

End of Round

You don't have to play any cards if you don't want to; but the maximum number of cards you can hold in your hand is seven. Discard extra cards if you have more than 7 cards in your hand at the end of your turn. Draw five new cards at the start of your next turn if you have run out of cards in your hand.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

End of Game

Once you collected 3 full different-coloured property sets on your turn, you win!


Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Deal is a fast-dealing card game and a great alternative version of the Monopoly board game. The game is interactive, card-stealing fun and allows you to take evil action against other players during turns. The instruction is very clear and easy-to-teach. It is absolutely a wonderful game for all ages, friends and family.



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