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How to Play Virus! Card Game: Rules & Review

Playing Virus! the card game is probably the most "common" thing to do during the pandemic across the world. It's the right time to keep your body healthy and away from the virus! If you can't, simply attack your opponents' organ with some evil viruses in order to stop them from winning before you do. Read on to find out more about how to play the game now!

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Virus! Card Game Board Game

Category - Card Drafting

Difficulties - ★☆☆☆☆

Players - 2-6 Players

Playing Time - 10 Minutes

Recommended Ages - 8+


  • 68 Cards

  • Instructions

How to Win

The first player who complete their body by placing 4 different virus-free healthy organs on the table in front of them wins the game.

Virus! Card Game Board Game


Shuffle the card deck well and deal 3 cards to each player. Leave the rest facedown in the centre of the table as a drawing pile. Form a discard pile next to it when playing.

How to Play

Choose between playing a card or discarding card(s) each turn. You are allowed to play only 1 card from your hand to the table in front of you, or discard as many cards as you like each turn.

By playing a card, you can either play an organ card by placing it on the table in front of you to build your body, or play any virus card on your opponent's organ to slow them down from winning before you.

Treatments cards are the special action card in the game which includes swapping an organ, steal an organ, transfer viruses to other players, or even swapping the entire body, and more.

End of Round

When your turn is over, you must draw cards from the drawing pile to complete your hand. You must have 3 cards in your hand at the beginning of each turn.

Virus! Card Game Board Game

End of Game

Collect and placed 4 different healthy organs on the table in front of you before everyone else to win the game. Your organs must be in healthy condition without any viruses placed on top by any other players.


Goliath Virus! The Contagiously Fun Card Game is a quick fun game to play with your friends and family at any of your game parties. It is very easy to understand the game rule. The game is very interactive. You could simply play evil to spread the viruses out to any other players, or swap the entire body for a sure win. How fun it is!

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