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Inside a Dream at Monopoly Dreams

A 3D Monopoly Board Game at the Peak

Have you not played Monopoly ever? Why not playing yourself as your very own special token in real? Monopoly Dreams has finally landed in Hong Kong and it's the very first Monopoly-themed attraction in the world; this is not only a theme park, but also an all-in-one museum, a game centre, a souvenir shop and a snack stall. It is located at the Peak, which is the most expensive property in the Monopoly Hong Kong edition board game.

From here, you will be able to experience everything from the board game like the Prison, the Water Supply, Bank and even the Chance to try your luck in person. It's time to feel like a millionaire for a day! "Let's own it all together!"

Discover Mr. Monopoly Secret Residence at Monopoly Dreams

The first stop is Mr. Monopoly secret residence, where you can find some paintings and projections about his different stages of life and also his signature dog which you can also find it as a token in Monopoly board game.

A Huge Monopoly Collection in the Museum

You will find his wardrobe with loads of gorgeous cufflinks, bow ties and huge collections of Monopoly games in various versions from the first and special to the limited and discontinued. There's also the largest token of a gold car in the world in the next room. We have never really enjoyed studying everything from a museum before. It was very interesting to know all about these little things we've seen since we were a child.

Get A Property Card with Your Name on!

To redeem your property, simply scan your ticket and the computer will pick it for you randomly. Even though the screen showed us an example property of The Peak, the result could be different! We got the most expensive property The Peak and the least expensive property Cheung Chau. Well, considering Cheung Chau is an island in Hong Kong, one of us has got quite a fortune to own the whole island, right?

Picture Spots are Everywhere in the Theme Park

You can't leave a theme park without a picture, can you? From Hong Kong styled neon lights and a treasury full of gold, to a mock-up garage and game rooms like water work and many more, every corner in this place is absolutely insta-worthy! Make sure you have your camera fully charged and you are good to go!

Not-to-Miss Ultimate Banking for Spending Vouchers

The Ultimate Banking was the best part of our experience in the theme park! It was so much fun; you grab as many banknotes as you can within 20 seconds, and you can even spend the money in the shop for souvenirs and food. The "currency exchange" rate was M10 (Monopoly money) to HKD$1. You could only spend three banknotes once in each transaction. Therefore, you should try hard to grab the biggest value ones than plenty of the small ones.

Shop for Exclusive Monopoly's Souvenirs and Snacks

The last stop, of course, the souvenir shops and places for food and drink! You can find loads of cute stuff here from limited and special edition of Monopoly games and souvenirs like magnets and keychains, and also overpriced snacks with signature packaging. (Yes, they are very overpriced but that's exactly what we expected.)

Did you realise that even the hanging lamps in the store were the tokens from the board game? What's that called by the way?


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