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Insider Travel Guide to Popeye Village

Popeye Village Does Exist in the World!

Have you seen the film Popeye (1980) before? Not everyone has seen this movie in their lifetime but you surely have heard of this character since you were young. In Malta, there is a place where millions of locals and tourists have made their visit there while they were around. Popeye Village Malta is the biggest theme park on the Maltese Islands on the Anchor Bay. The theme park is for all young and whoever is young at heart; it opens all year round so you have no chance to miss it out!

Popeye Themed Park in Malta

Popeye Village Malta was built in mid 1979 for the musical production of the movie Popeye (1980). Filming commenced in early 1980 after the construction of the film set. Every single detail in Popeye Village is perfect. You really can tell that they had put so much efforts in creating such a realistic film set for one single movie.

Popeye Village, Malta

Interactive Attractions & Rides in Popeye Village

This village has everything in it; it's just like a village in our everyday life. From a firehouse and post office to bakery and residential houses, things that you'd find in a fishing village are all right here! The Popeye casts do drama show like 'welcome show' and 'Take 2 Filming' in a regular basis, where you could find them in the main square and simply enjoy the shows with everyone around!

Beach at Popeye Village, Malta

The Beach in Popeye Village is Everything

The most exciting thing to do is to get down to their private beach that is exclusively open to the visitors! The water was clear enough to see the bottom! You will can't help taking loads of pictures with such an amazing view! There's also a 20-minute boat trip around Anchor Bay so everyone will have a chance to see and take photos of the whole film set from a Popeye sailors point of view! What a great experience!

Eating a Burger like a Sailor!

There's a few bars and restaurants in the theme park but there's only one Popeye Diner just right outside the entrance! The whole restaurant setting resembles the Popeye film set. We love it! It even has a "Free Beer Tomorrow!" sign on the wall. A fried fish burger with french fries is the best thing to order in such fun diner! Feed your tummy full before you're spending whole day inside the village!

Popeye Village, Malta

The Most Instagrammable Checkpoint of Popeye Village

Don't forget to take a picture of the Popeye Village at the viewpoint from Anchor Bay before you leave the theme park! The stunning view from there will make the whole experience complete! You will not want to miss it out for sure!



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