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Into the Theme Park of Legoland Discovery Centre Hong Kong

You may notice that there is actually no Legoland but a Legoland Discovery Centre in Hong Kong. It is not as big as a theme park but it's still as fun as a Legoland. The only thing is: you have to visit there with a kid. No adults can go in without a kid under age 17. For all children at heart, there is still a chance to get in there - No Kids Night! Stay tuned on their social media or News on their official website because they only hold that event occasionally. Don't miss out when you spot one!

What's inside Legoland Discovery Centre Hong Kong?

This indoor playground includes a large play area, a gift shop and a cafe. You will not only find exclusive Lego products in the shop, but also Lego pins that you can only exchange with the staff. There is a Miniland shows a replica of Hong Kong with millions of Lego bricks; and the lighting keeps changing to resemble the day & night time.

Interactive Lego Game Centre for All Master Builders

The Lego Creative Workshop offers a place for all master builders to build things based on the theme of the class with lego bricks. It definitely allows everyone to work on them with imagination and creativity. You can also build a race car, or a Lego house that will never collapse and test it out. What a fun way to compete with your friends and family!

Family-friendly Attractions & Ride

It is time to take a magical flight on Merlin's Apprentice Ride, and blast skeletons to recuse the princess on Kingdom Quest ride adventure. In Lego 4D Studio, there are some short films to be played under a timetabled schedule that you should not miss, too. You may find your favourite characters in the film, such as Emmet and Wyldstyle!


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