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Workshop Fun at Cup Noodles Museum in Hong Kong

Woohoo! Finally, the Cup Noodles Museum is officially coming to Hong Kong for sure! Now it's time to get ready and have fun with the same instant noodle experience as in Osaka or Yokohama, plus a brand new fruit granola workshop in the museum at China Hong Kong City in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The first oversea museum in Hong Kong features three DIY experiences of everyone's favourite: Cup Noodles, Demae Iccho Instant Noodle, and Fruit Granola products. This place do not only showcase the signature packagings of cup noodles from all over the world, but also give you an idea of how they were born, and the ultimate experience of making your own Nissin products.

Understanding the Innovative Journey of Momofuku Ando

The museum is not just a place for fun; it is somehow inspiring, very interactive and perfect for family and kids. You can obviously learn a lot from here, like the "reverse thinking" concept of how Momofuku Ando invested instant noodles and built his brands successfully. Don't leave the museum without taking a picture of the cup noodles wall and the giant upside down cup noodle installation. They are the spirit of the museum!

Making Your Own Demae Iccho Noodle Dough from Scratch

This workshop will be open to public in mid-April. You will be able to make your own Made-in-Hong-Kong Demae Iccho from the very first step, kneading and spreading the dough with a rolling pin, steaming the dough base and finally deep-frying it. Don't blame yourself if any of these processes has ever gone wrong, it's still fun after all!

Demae Iccho Factory HK$120 @ 90mins

Mixing Your Favourite Fruit Granola Breakfast

Who doesn't eat granola as breakfast? Now you can even mix your original granola breakfast with your favourite flavours and toppings in the workshop. Animation and interactive games will be played at the beginning. You will then start designing your own cup, seal it with your chosen fruit granola and take it home!

My Granola Factory HK$60 @ 30mins

Creating Your Own Cup Noodles with Your Design

Just like the granola factory, this workshop also allows you to design your very own instant noodles from the flavour of the soup base to the toppings and its packaging. This makes your cup noodles the one and the only one in the world. Just make sure you've got your design in mind before the session starts so you won't panic for 30 minutes!

My CUPNOODLES Factory HK$60 @ 30mins

Shopping at the Cup Noodles Museum Hong Kong

You won't need a ticket to enter the shop. So don't miss it out if you are their fan. In here, you'll be able to find quality souvenirs such as realistic cup noodles magnets, Demae Iccho shaped postcards and practical products like bowls and T-shirts.

Museum Entry with tickets only. Secure your ideal workshop session(s) by making a booking in advance at Cup Noodles Museum Hong Kong:


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