Kimono Experience in Kyoto 和服體驗在京都

One of the reasons I like to travel is to be able to experience and to understand one's society and their culture. I was so excited about this trip as this was my very first time to go to Japan. I knew I would love it, and I really love it. Everything there was literally amazing. 


The first thing that came across to me was to experience wearing a kimono while I was in Japan. This could be an alternative way to experience their culture in a "traditional" way, I guess. I have tried wearing a yukata on my birthday few years ago and I just loved it. The kimono I chose this time was so gorgeous so I couldn't wait to try them on until I finally wore them on, I realised I was desperately regretted from what I had just thought...


Why would this happen? Let me tell you something if you are not sure about the differences between a yukata and a kimono. The one huge difference is a yukata is more casual and a lot lighter than a kimono which is specially made for summertime and will only be available in summertime, and a kimono is a very glamorous traditional clothing which is more like a wedding dress... basically the fabrics and materials are a lot thicker and heavier which I do really not suggest that you wear it in summertime, and I can tell you which is totally a torture to yourself.

讓我告訴你關於浴衣和和服的分別,它們兩者之間最大的分別就是⋯⋯ 浴衣是比較休閑的,也比和服薄很多,一般只有在夏天才會有浴衣的出現。而和服則是比較隆重,就好像是一件婚紗⋯⋯ 所以用料也會比較厚重。所以我非常建議大家千萬不要在夏天穿和服,不然真的是付錢買苦吃⋯⋯

Okay. So the thing was, I rented for the kimono from a company called Rental Kimono Okamoto, from 10am to 7pm. My plan was to walk around Kyoto with the kimono's on. So this was my first stop I went to in Kyoto. I literally told myself not to return the kimono any earlier than the returning time. However, I changed my mind in a second once I put that thing on... I was sweating... (literally) from my bottom of my heart! My whole body was wet... and the bottom part of the kimono was sticked to legs so it made me even harder to walk... I know it's quite disgusting but I think you should know. The pictures below shows you how well I could actually act...

我在一家叫做レンタル着物岡本的租賃公司從早上十點租了一套和服到晚上七點。而我的計劃就是穿著和服遊覽京都。我本來還叫自己不要在晚上七點之前就去還衣服,不過當我一穿上和服之後,我立馬改變了主意!因為我從頭到腳趾都在出汗⋯⋯ 根本就是全身都是濕的⋯⋯ 而且因為汗水太多,整個下半身都被布料粘著,根本連路都很難走⋯⋯ 我知道很嘔心,但是真的不得不分享一下我這個「穿和服的體驗」⋯⋯

I finally managed to walk around and see lots of beautiful things in Kyoto, I was about to stay at Kiyomizu-dera (above image) for a bit longer but it was under construction. So I moved to Sannen-zaka where we could find lots of souvenirs and shops. It was full of people and the street was quite steep, especially to me who was wearing the traditional Japanese wooden flip flops...  

最後我終於走到了清水寺的附近,看到了很多很漂亮的東西!因為清水寺在維修,所以我沒有在那待很久。我就慢慢走到産寧坂 (三年坂),那裡有很多賣紀念品的店。但是那裡的人超級多,面而且路很斜很難走,由其是我穿著那雙傳統的人字拖⋯⋯ 

The last two pictures I picked here was taken from the area of Fushimi-Inari, where was few metro stops away from the Kiyomizu-dera temple. The next thing to experience their culture is to go to their temple. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to get into the temple but I managed to try something else instead. I'd say it was a very splendid cultural experience to wash hands before getting into the temple (which I didn't). And to be honest, I wasn't sure what the Purification Fountain was for until I googled it afterward. Now I knew it was to purify my hands as what the fountain called.


And the best thing of the day was the Senbon-Torii, here I called it a red wooden tunnels, was the way I went back to the kimono rental company to have the kimono returned...


I am also going to share the experience of wearing a yukata while I was in Osaka soon. Keep an eyes on it! 


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