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Luxembourg City Attractions for Every Traveller

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country hidden in the middle of Europe, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. Everywhere in Luxembourg City is a well preserved and valued heritage and has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If that's not the reason to persuade you to visit the country, here's a great news for you: the public transport except first class travel in trains is absolutely free across the country. That's AMAZING, isn't it?

1. Palais Grand-Ducal

This Grand Ducal Palace is Grand Duke of Luxembourg's official residence in southern Luxembourg. The palace is only open to the public for part of the year in summer. However, don't worry if you've missed the opening period; you could still find other fun activities to do such as visiting museums and going shopping in this busy district. More information can be found here.

Adolphe Bridge, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

2. Pont Adolphe

The gorgeous Adolphe Bridge was built between early 1900 to 1903. It is a double-decked arch bridge in the city centre of Luxembourg City. Most people overlooked this picturesque scene since they pay more attention on the bridge. But hey, look around, what a beautiful city! The garden in the nearby, as well as all of the surrounding architectures are definitely the perfect frame for the bridge.

Monument of Remembrance, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

3. Monument of Remembrance

Gëlle Fra, the Luxembourgish for 'Golden Lady', is the nickname of the Monument of Remembrance. It is a war memorial in Luxembourg City, dedicated to the volunteers who helped during various wars. While you are in the Constitution Square, look upon to the sky and you will find her!

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

4. Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art

Mudam, the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, is a modern and contemporary art museum in Luxembourg City. This museum is located right on the old Fort Thüngen site, next to the Musée Draï Eechelen. Mudam holds permanent and temporary exhibitions with their vast collection. If you are interested in art, this is definitely the place for you.

Musée Draï Eechelen, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

5. Musée Draï Eechelen

To understand the history of Luxembourg City, you shouldn't just read from the introductory panels in a museum but also get to experience it. While you are in Musée Draï Eechelen, a history museum of Luxembourg from 1443 to 1903, you will have a chance to walk through the tunnel inside the restored 18th century fort. What a great way to explore a museum!

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