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March Market: Art & Craft Markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as known as a Shopping Paradise in Southeast Asia, is full of luxury shopping centres, small shops and boutiques everywhere in the city. However, if you are looking for decent, delicate, DIY handmade art and crafty products, you should definitely browse around one of the lovely markets on our list. You’ll be surprised of things that you could possibly find there. Follow us now!

7 Art & Craft Markets You Can Find in Hong Kong

Discovery Bay Sunday Market

Sunday Special: Discovery Bay Sunday Market

Nothing is better than going to an open-air market in an outer island for a quick escape from the city on Sunday. This is the reason why we love this market so much. It’s not as busy as any other markets in town. Moreover, most sellers are foreigners; you will therefore be able to find quality handmade items in many diverse cultural styles in each stall.

JCCAC Art Village

For All Art Lovers: JCCAC Art Village

JCCAC is located in Shek Kip Mei which stands for Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. This art village not only exhibits contemporary multi-media artworks, but also offers a space for a group of artist to hold a handmade market in a certain period of times. The handmade items the artists selling are usually one-of-a-kind but still affordable. You surely don't want to miss them out, do you?

PMQ Hong Kong

A Market Tower: PMQ

PMQ was once a police married quarters, now a historically graded building used as a huge plaza for arts and design. The building is just like a small tower filled with many shops and boutiques that sell artistic and creative products. We believe that it's a great place to look for handmade gifts if you have more budgets.

618 Shanghai Street

Vintage Market: 618 Shanghai Street

Looking for vintage items particularly? Here we have found you a good one in the city! At 618 Shanghai Street, you will be able to find second-hand items, antique and retro vintage products. These types of markets are very rare in Hong Kong and it's hard to find something like that anywhere else. Now you know where you can look for these items!

Stanley Market

Foreigners’ Favourite: Stanley Market

Many foreigners enjoy staying in the area of Stanley for holidays which makes a good reason why they love Stanley Market so much. This market is somehow touristy, selling souvenirs and gifts with an unreasonable price. However, if you can bargain, you can still find good stuff from the market such as beautiful Chinese calligraphy paintings, artistic postcards and many more!

Tai Kwun

Creative Market: Tai Kwun

This plaza was a former police station in Central and it has now been redeveloped for art & culture and shopping purposes as the Centre for Heritage and Arts called Tai Kwun. They hold temporarily art exhibitions and seasonal markets from time to time, providing visitors a high-class "art tour" and a luxury shopping experience.

The Mills Tusen Wan

Artistic Market: The Mills

This redeveloped cotton mill has now become a shopping mall with artistic installation changing periodically. It does not just attract lively shoppers but also those who love arts and graffitis. You may find novelty gifts and interesting products in the shops there. It's such a fun place to browse and shop!


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