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Planning Your Trip to Belfast City Centre

Visiting Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland as your first stop in the region is always a good idea. You will get to discover a lot from the big city by visiting the local attractions and museums. This article is going to tell you where to stay from affordable to luxury, and few places that you should visit while you are in Belfast. Keep reading!

Where to Stay in Belfast

Where to Visit in Belfast

Belfast City Hall - The Centre of Belfast

This Grade A listed building in the heart of Belfast has played an important role in the city. The city hall is located in the city centre where it holds variety of big events such as Christmas fairs and markets in Donegall Square during November to December. This is certainly a place filled with festive joy!

Botanic Gardens - A City Escape in the City

If you are looking for a quick city escape within the city, Botanic Gardens in Belfast is definitely one of the places you should visit. This public garden houses many local and tropical flowers and plants in their greenhouses. What a wonderful place to breathe some fresh air in, in such bustling city!

The Courtyard: Murals Square (The Duke of York) - An Open-air Art Museum

This artistic courtyard is an open-air art gallery and an outdoor museum featuring gorgeous paintings, graffiti art and installation pieces in Belfast city centre. It is probably the most colourful and instagrammable places in the city. So don't miss out if you are interested in that!

Titanic Belfast - The Home of a Tragic Legacy

Belfast is best known of the birthplace of the RMS Titanic. And in the city, you'll be able to find a Titanic-themed museum and a memorial garden about this legacy. This museum tells us the story about RMS Titanic from the concepts and her first voyage to the world's famous sank. Come here if you want to discover more!

Victoria Square - An Instagrammable Shopping Mall in Belfast

The most insta-worthy spot in Belfast city centre goes to Victoria Square Shopping Centre. This mall isn't just a place for shop; it's also where you can relax at the glass-top dome from a long shopping day. Come in the daytime for a spectacular 360-degree view of Belfast or a stunning light show in the nighttime.

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