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Seafood Lover in Oslo, Norway

What's best known in Norway, do you know? It's salmon! When it comes to Norway, everyone talks about their speciality in seafood dishes and the Norwegian cuisine such as Lutefisk aged dried whitefish and Fiskesuppe fish soup. These Scandinavian dishes are very popular in the country and loved by the locals. However, if you aren't adventurous enough in tasting new dishes in your life, we've found something also very Norwegian that you might enjoy as a tourist.

Freshness of Seafood is the Key

A bowl of flavourful clam chowder soup with mussels, a giant steamed lobster with salad and a full bowl of boiled prawns are just perfectly right to do the justice. Without adding any other artificial flavours, you can easily taste the freshness of these seafood in no time. It tasted sweet and fresh with a touch of sea salt. This is what exactly we call "the freshest seafood at all times".

Louise Restaurant & Bar | Stranden 3, 0250 Oslo, Norway ★★★★☆

Smoked Salmon is the Reason Why You are Here

Of course you can't leave Norway without having their salmon, can you? This Norwegian-styled open sandwich is topped with smoked salmon, scrambled egg and fresh lettuce. Its crispy and crunchy wheat bread was toasted just like a piece of large biscuit. It's always a good idea to have such sandwich with lettuce and egg together as smoked salmon could be too salty to eat on its own for someone. What a thoughtful perfect combination!

Kaffistova | Kristian IVs gate 2, 0159 Oslo, Norway ★★★★☆



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