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Silent Brussels

Saint Catherine Church, Brussels, Belgium

Arriving in Brussels after the Bombing Attack

This trip was probably the saddest trip that we have ever had in our life and we wish that would never happen ever again. Nothing bad happened to us though, we went to Brussels right after the Brussels terror attacks in March. We could still remember how sad everyone was, every single corner there was empty. The whole city just gave us a very sad feeling especially when the sky was so grey to make us feel even more depressed...

Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Flight Cancelled & Subway Closed

The airport was closed because of the explosions. We got our flight ticket refunded from the airline, but we were so worried not to be able to go home in the next few days. At the end we were able to repurchase our flight ticket from another airline, but you know, the price increased a lot because we bought the flight ticket in the very last minute. Most of the subway station in Brussels was shut as well. So basically it was very hard for us to browse around the city. There were some spots had been used as a temporary memorial; flower and candles were on the floor everywhere. It's sad, isn't it?

Live for the Moment

The blue sky was finally here before the day we left Brussels. It kind of brightened up ourselves a bit. We would never forget this trip and we should all live for the moment. You never know what would happen next.



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