Brussels City Guide: What to See and Where to Go

Brussels is full of diversity and loved by a lot of tourists. You may find literally everything from magnificent historical architectures and educational art gallery & musuems, to theme parks and beautiful gardens. Let's find out what to see and where to go with us in this bustling city!

The Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

The Grand Place is the Central Square of Brussels

Everyone calls the Grand Place as the city centre of Brussels. There are loads of shops and restaurants in the area, where you can buy things like Belgium chocolate and all sorts of souvenir gifts. Their authentic street food Belgium waffle can be easily found in the Grand Place. Make sure you find the popular status of Everard 'T Serclaes and touch or rub its arm to grant wishes and luck to you.

Sainte-Catherine Church, Brussels, Belgium

Exploring the Black-and-White Sainte-Catherine Church

How does this church look to you? Its black-and-white exterior is somehow creepy but that makes it unique from everything else. This Catholic church has a Victorian interior. During the holidays, a spectacular light show will be beamed onto the front facade to celebrate the big time.

Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert, Brussels, Belgium

Go Crazy Shopping at Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert

Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert is a long shopping arcade with lots of shops and cafes in central Brussels. This isn't just a place for quality souvenirs but also somewhere to appreciate the architecture! You can simply grab a cup of coffee, have a piece of chocolate and enjoy your time in such beautiful building here!

Musée Art & Histoire, Brussels, Belgium