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Singapore Theme Parks Intro & Recommendation

What makes a theme park a theme park? People usually call an amusement park a theme park when you can find attractions and rides with specific themes inside. But we truly believe that theme parks are more than thrilling rides. In Singapore, theme parks are literally everywhere in this small country. We are about to show you a list of theme parks, including aquarium, water park, and zoo that you should never miss while you are there. Read on for more!

Enjoy Exciting Rides at Universal Studios Singapore

You should be familiar with this renowned chained theme park across the world. USS, Universal Studios Singapore, perhaps, is the smallest Universal Studios theme park in the world, it still features more than 25 different attractions, rides and shows in 6 themed areas. Expect the arrival of Minionland and the world of Mario! SUPER NINTENDO WORLD in the coming year soon.

Explore the Ocean in Aquarium & Waterpark

Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium and embrace yourself by more than 100,000 marine species from the ocean! You will get a chance to walk through the underwater tunnel like a fish. Or if you like to soak yourself in water, Adventure Cove Waterpark is an excellent place for you to go. This amusement park features not only waterslides and pools, but also a huge aquarium where you could snorkel and swim like a real fish in the "ocean".

Getting Closer with Wildlife Animals at Safari Zoo

There are three different zoological parks in Singapore: Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, and Night Safari. They are quite similar yet very different to each other. We suggest that you should visit them all if you have plenty of time, or simply skip one, or two if you really don't. In these zoos, you will take on a safari tour to explore the wildlife's home. The experience was fantastic because the whole trip actually feels like a safari more than a zoo to us while we were there!

A Bonus Trip to Legoland Malaysia in Johor

It only takes an hour drive away from central Singapore to Legoland Malaysia so why not giving it a chance, too? This Lego themed amusement park features 8 different areas including kid-friendly rides and a miniature Lego city. Kids will also love Waterpark Legoland Malaysia Resort if they enjoy a range of water activities such as waterslides and fun rides in a water park. This place is highly recommended for travellers with kids!

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