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South Island Line Hopping Essentials

Every MTR stop has a highlight of things that you should see. You wouldn’t be able to visit everywhere in a day, but it’s always a good idea to explore some places in the nearby so you get to save up more time. Today we are doing a “Hop on & Hop off MTR tour” on the relatively new South Island Line and to discover some areas of the southern part of Hong Kong Island. Let’s go!

Tamar Park, Hong Kong

1st Stop: The Financial Centre of Hong Kong - Admiralty

Admiralty can be busier than you could imagine within peak hours. This is why you should visit Admiralty in the weekends to avoid crowds and get away from the city and offices. Tamar Park is an ideal place in the bustling city area for a “not-so-much-but-still-a-getaway” outdoor picnic and wild camping during the day. Or if you enjoy shopping, check out Pacific Place! It has everything from big brands and small boutiques to cafes and restaurants no matter a shopper or a foodie would love.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

2nd Stop: A Theme Park with Childhood Memories - Ocean Park

Some says that Ocean Park is a theme park that belongs to Hongkongers. This place isn’t just a theme park, it’s a zoo, an aquarium, a theatre, not to mention all the rides and attractions that every child and every child at heart love. Take your camera with you as everywhere is a photo spot that carries your memory in Hong Kong. It’s recommended to spend more than six hours in the park so you get to see and enjoy some quality fun time in there. Enjoy!

3rd Stop: A Newly Refurnished Industrial City - Wong Chuk Hang

This industrial area was a bit difficult to get to until South Island Line has finally opened. Wong Chuk Hang is not really a place where a tourist will usually go; but this newly refurbished city has now been covered by beautifully painted graffiti. And new cafes and restaurant, plus hotels in industrial style are something that makes the city unique in every way.

Aberdeen West Typhoon Shelter, Hong Kong

4th Stop: The “Capital City” of Ap Lei Chau island - Lei Tung

Lei Tung is situated in the heart of Ap Lei Chau and it's the most busiest district on the island. You should definitely visit Aberdeen West Typhoon Shelter and enjoy the stunning views from Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade; look for the best local restaurants in Ap Lei Chau Main Street and take the shortest ferry trip to Aberdeen Pier just like a local!

Hong Kong styled fake shark's fin soup

Must-Try Ap Lei Chau‘s Favourite Local Street Food

You surely can't leave the island without having any of these street food from this local restaurant that is loved by everyone in the neighbourhood. We simply love it, too! Try fish balls along with a bowl of Hong Kong styled fake shark's fin soup; choose lettuces without fish balls if you prefer a vegetarian one.

食記 | 42 Ap Lei Chau Main Street, Ap Lei Chau ★★★★★

Cupcakes at Sift, South Horizons, Hong Kong

Final Stop: The Heaven of Shopping Outlets - South Horizons

This place isn't just a residential area but also where a whole building of shopping outlets with luxury brands is located in the nearby. From clothings and accessories, to home and gift items, everything you'll need at a cheaper outlet price is waiting for you from there in South Horizons. Kindly remind you that there are not many food choices in the building so you should feed yourself full before you get there, or treat yourself a cupcake or two from Sift at Horizons Plaza.


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