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Stay Calm in Bustling Berlin

Would you ever think of stop the clock and slow down a little bit in a bustling city? Here at Berlin, we've found you a good place to travel into; a place that is separate from the outside world, where you could finally hear the voice from the inside you.

It was a bit difficult to find this Museum of Silence (Museum der Stille) as the entrance is quite hidden, beside all windows of the museum are covered. All the ceiling and walls in each room are painted in red. You won't be able to hear a single noise in there. All you can do is to sit down on the bench and look at the artwork in silence alone. You could possibly hear some noises from your own breath if you tried to breathe harder.

An Unusual Museum Experience in Berlin

It was definitely an unusual museum experience to any of you. When we first entered into one of these rooms from the outside world; where it was full of traffic noises, the sounds of human speaking and birds humming. It was like we suddenly travelled to another space in where we couldn't hear a thing. It is believed that you could finally listened to your own voice from the inside you for a moment when you were there. You would barely see anything in there as it was too dark. We just sat down and looked at the only painting hanged in front of us. The sense of silence and emptiness made us calm and relaxed, like we had never had such feeling before.

Museum of Silence opens every day from 14:00 to 19:00 except Monday. The entrance is free. Why not taking this incredible opportunity to free your inside self? You deserve a single silent moment here, all by yourself.



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