Visiting Berlin like a Flash Mob 快閃柏林之旅

A Day Trip to Berlin

What will you do if you could only visit Berlin in a day? We were here for three days but we only had free time for a day to visit Berlin as a proper tourist. Therefore, we literally went all the places like we were a group of flash mob... but still, we believed we had visited most of the must-gos even in just a day. Would you like to try, too?



East Side Gallery - Creative Graffiti Art on the Berlin Wall

No one would expect something like that from its name - East Side Gallery because it isn't really a gallery but more like an open air exhibition on the street. This gallery showcases lots of paintings/ graffitis from different artists around the world. All of the artwork were painted directly on the Berlin Wall which made a memorial more interesting and lively. Keep walking along the river and you shall see the end of the wall!

東邊畫廊 - 在柏林圍牆上極具創意的塗鴉畫作


Brandenburg Gate - The Landmark of Germany

It's obvious that what makes the Brandenburg Gate a must-go. This gate is historical and has become a signature of Berlin and the landmark of Germany. It's just like an Eiffel Tower in Paris. You wouldn't leave this city without taking a picture of it. Do you also have such feeling?

勃蘭登堡門 - 德國的地標


Reichstag Building - A Glass Dome Observatory Tower in a Government Office

Reichstag Building is actually a government office but it's also a perfect observatory tower with a glass dome for tourists to sightsee Berlin as a whole from top. It's free for everyone but you'll have to make a booking on their official website in advance. The schedule is quite full so you should make your booking at least two weeks before your visiting day or you might miss the chance!

德國國會大廈 - 在政府辦公室內的玻璃圓頂觀光塔

德國國會大廈既是一個政府的辦公室,同時也是一個很完美的「玻璃圓頂觀光塔」,你可以在裡面高處一覽柏林全景。最重要的是它不用門票,只需要在官方網站預先登記就可以了。不 過我們建議大家提早兩星期去網站訂位置,不然就可能會錯過了這免費看美景的大好機會喔!

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - A Museum with a Dark History

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is definitely a must-go in Berlin. There's also a museum underneath the memorial and we literally spent almost two hours over there. Not just those grey concrete blocks but also the museum send a strong depressing message out. We took the pictures after the rain stopped. All those blocks somehow looked like bleeding or crying. They were sad and painful...

歐洲被害猶太人紀念碑 - 一個充滿黑歷史的博物館


Gendarmenmarkt - A Square with Gorgeous Architectures

We accidentally found Gendarmenmarkt while we were wandering around the city. This square is full of beautiful architectures. You should probably drop by for a few minutes for some nice pictures if you are around.

御林廣場 - 全是極美的建築物廣場


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