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Stockholm Visitor Guide: Not-to-Miss Attractions

Stockholm, a beautiful historic capital city of Sweden, is certainly one of the best travel destinations in the world that you should never miss. This city is formed by 14 islands and connected with more than 50 bridges on the Baltic Sea. It is very easy to explore Stockholm by public ferries and sightseeing boats between the islands. Let's follow us to this stunning place today; read on to discover every not-to-miss attraction in Stockholm!

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Explore the Old Town in Stockholm City Centre

Visit the Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm while you are there! This place is probably the best well-preserved medieval city centre across Europe. It is home to many iconic landmarks of Stockholm such as the public main square Stortorget, the Royal Palace and the Noble Museum. With such rich historical culture in these areas, these sites are absolutely perfect for travel, while you'll be able to try traditional Swedish cuisine and shop for authentic gifts in the heart of this beautiful old town.

Brunkeberg Tunnel, Stockholm, Sweden

Travel through the Shortcut to Another Side of Stockholm

Walk through the Brunkeberg Tunnel to get to another side of Stockholm in just a few minutes! This tunnel does not only provide a shortcut for pedestrians and cyclists, but also a fantastic backdrop for social media pictures! The tunnel was built in the late 19th century and was considered to be innovative at the time of its construction. Do you find it futuristic? This tunnel looks like a time machine to us. It feels like another planet, or a place that never exists on earth. What a cool place to visit!

View the Sky & Stockholm on a Glass Gondola

What a fun way to see Stockholm on a glass gondola alongside the world's largest spherical building! When you've come to SkyView, you'll have the opportunity to do so! This Ericsson Globe offers you a chance to see Stockholm city from a very different perspective. It is definitely a memorable experience for everyone.

Skinnarviksberget , Mariaberget, Stockholm, Sweden

Climb up to the Parks for the Panoramic View of Stockholm

Here's another great alternative for you if you are looking for some fantastic overlooking views of Stockholm in town: visit either Skinnarviksberget or Mariaberget! Both places are located on hills in the Södermalm district. These places are popular for locals as well as travellers because of its stunning panoramic views of the Stockholm's skyline and waterways. It is very easy to reach to the top from city centre, plus it's totally free of charge to visit the area so why not giving it a go?

Visit the Public Library in Stockholm like a Local

Library is rarely a top sight to see as a travel destination until you've found Stockholm Public Library! This library is best known for its notable circular reading room with a clear dome ceiling; and the whole room is surrounded by thousands of colourful books. No matter who you are, a bookworm, or simply an architecture enthusiast, this library is probably the best place to read, as well as to take your next Instagram picture for sure.


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