The Circle of Life 人生百態

I found an interesting park while I was in Oslo and I think you should check it out as well. This park contains more than 200 sculptures which were created by a Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland. All of the sculptures in this park shows us different human form in everyday situation. I love this park because I had never seen a park like this, and this was a very splendid experience to see artwork in a super huge outdoor "gallery". 

我在挪威Oslo 奧斯陸找到了一個非常有趣的主題公園,我覺得你們也應該要去看看。這個公園裡面有超過二百個雕像,全部都是挪威雕塑家Gustav Vigeland的作品。在這公園裡面的所有雕像都展示了「人生百態」,表現出我們一生人中會遇到的日常事。我非常喜歡這個公園,因為我從來沒見過一個像這樣大型的主題公園,就好像到了一個户外的藝術館一樣!

The Vigeland Park (Vigelandsparken) Nobles gate 32, 0268 Oslo, Norway

However, if you do not fancy looking at these sculptures, you could still come and have a look of the park. I was here in November which I guess it was in Autumn. (Although it felt like a Winter to me...) The weather was great, and the park was beautiful. I am sure this park looks pretty in different seasons too! 

不過,來到這個公園,也不代表只有雕像看的!如果你對這些並沒有太大的興趣,你仍然可以來到這裡看看的。我十一月份來到這裡,天氣很好,非常適合拍照,我想應該是秋天吧?雖然我覺得冷到比較像冬天⋯⋯ 我覺得這裡很漂亮,我想在其他季節的時候,也不會差的喔!

Even though a wall in this park was so lively. I couldn't help taking a picture with it. haha


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