The World in Children's Eyes

When I first discovered that there is an art museum that is about children's art in Norway, I put it into my go-to list when I was planning my Oslo trip. I was thinking what I could possibly get from visiting this museum. I was so inspired by them. I am not sure if they are still an artist now but I hope that they are doing what they like now. Unfortunately I wasn't allow to take photographs inside the gallery so I don't have any pictures about this visit. However, I got few images of the postcards that I purchased in their store at the end. Let's see what the world looks like in their eyes.

Forrest, Teekatat Suwankrua, aged 12, Thailand

Dawn in the Sea, Denis Vorozhbet, aged 11, Russia

Mountain, Amartuvhin Mijid, aged 13, Mongolia

Landscape, unknown artist, aged 14, Ethiopia

The Dream, Spinou Arietta, aged 15, Greece

Town, Petr Romanov, aged 12, Czech Republic

I think they were really talented. I was thinking what I was doing at the age of 11-15. And I just couldn't even remember if I had ever done anything. Their work was so inspiring and made me realise that art is literally everywhere, and helped me understand that art could always be a form of documenting my travel journey and the experience that I gained throughout. What do you think?

For more information of the museum, please visit:

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