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The Complete Plovdiv Travel Guide: Top Sights to See & Eat

Plovdiv is an ancient city in southern Bulgaria. This small city is a popular travel destination within the country because of its well-preserved Roman ruins, beautiful old town as a UNESCO World Heritage site and its fascinating hills. Explore the old town of Plovdiv with us today to discover more about its colourful Bulgarian architecture, the ancient Roman ruins, and so much more! Let's go!

Top Sights to See in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis - Impressive Amphitheater Site in Plovdiv

Philippospolis was the Roman version of Plovdiv. It is not surprised that you could find many Roman ruins in the city. This well-preserved ancient Roman Theatre of Plovdiv allows us to step back in time and explore the past of the city. If you are interested in historical architectures and cultural heritage, you should definitely not to miss this!

Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis - Best Preserved Roman Stadium in Plovdiv

"Where there is an ancient theatre, there is an ancient stadium." And you are absolutely right! The largest and best-preserved Roman ruins in the city is the Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis from the Roman imperial period. This remarkable archaeological site is now an open-air museum where you could learn more about the cultural activities and sports that took place in this ancient stadium in Philipopolis. Don't miss out if you are interested!

Gate "Hisar Kapia", Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Gate "Hisar Kapia", Plovdiv - the Entrance to the Acropolis of Ancient Plovdiv

Go through the Fortress Gate "Hisar Kapia" and explore Plovdiv's old town like a pro! This historical landmark in the old town is the most popular entrance to the acropolis of ancient Plovdiv. If you are here to visit the old town of Plovdiv, you really can't miss that. This gate provides a great opportunity for everyone to step back in time from the present to the past. You'll love it for sure!

Regional Ethnographic Museum Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Regional Ethnographic Museum Plovdiv - Cultural Museum in a Historic House

This Regional Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv is located right next to Gate "Hisar Kapia". It is considered to be one of the most stunning architectures in the city. This culture and history museum has split into six different exhibitions with a vast collection of traditional Bulgarian costumes, crafts and artefacts. It is our favourite museum in Plovdiv at all times! Highly recommended!

Roman Forum of Philippopolis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Roman Forum of Philippopolis - the Ancient Roman Square of Plovdiv

The Roman Forum of Philippopolis was once the heart of Philippopolis and a significant commercial square in the city during the ancient Roman periods. It is a must-visit site for those who are interested in ancient Roman civilisation and its history. You will get to understand more about the Roman past and how these ruins have become part of Plovdiv in the present day.

Nebet Tepe, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Nebet Tepe - Hill in Plovdiv with Panoramic Views of the City

Climbing to the top of Nebet Tepe and discover more of the city in different angles today! You will not only find Roman ruins, but are also able to enjoy beautiful overlooking views of Plovdiv for free. This ancient fortress hill provides a fantastic viewpoint where you can enjoy the city view with a unique blend of ancient and modern architectures. What a great place to go!

Kurban Chorba, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In Plovdiv, you will be able to find lots of local and authentic Bulgarian cuisine with flavourful culinary tradition and some cultural influences. Let's discover the tastes of Bulgaria that have been passed down through generations from the Roman imperial periods in Plovdiv.

Bulgarian Cuisine to Eat in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  • Kurban Chorba - traditional Bulgarian soup with mutton and mixed vegetables

  • Tarator - traditional Bulgarian cold summer soup with cucumber and yogurt base

  • Banitsa - cheesy savoury pastry filled with yogurt

  • Printsesa - open sandwiches with minced meat

  • Mekitsa - deep-fried Bulgarian doughnut with yogurt and jam

Recommended Restaurants in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  • Hemingway Restaurant | ул. Ген.И.В.Гурко 10, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria ★★★☆☆

  • "Yuzhen Polah Pri Malak Bunardzhik" Restaurant | ul. "Volga" № 1A, 4000 Halm Na Osvoboditelite, Plovdiv, Bulgaria ★★★★☆

  • Smokini | ul. "Otets Paisiy" 12 Street, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria ★★★★☆


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