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The Fresh Taste of Amsterdam

Finally we have a chance to visit the capital city of Netherlands and try out different cuisines and restaurants while we are there. We stayed in Amsterdam for 4 days and tasted more than 10 eateries during our trip; but we only picked three of them to be included in this article (because they are recommended)! Continue reading to discover more about them today!

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This restaurant was the very first one we went to while we were in Amsterdam since this place was very convenient to us as it is just located right next to the central train station. We had a quick lunch there after we got off the train. Burger is of course everything to the restaurant. Although there was nothing really special about the burger, the meal was considerably cheap. This is definitely a great place for a quick meal if you would like some good quality of burgers with relatively affordable price.

Burgerij | IJhal, De Ruijterkade 40B, 1012 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands ★★★☆☆

The Seafood Bar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We accidentally found this seafood restaurant while we were wandering around the city. The storefront looked really appealing to us. It was still quite busy even in the mid-afternoon. We ordered some fish-and-chips and they were surprisingly delicious. Most likely the fish was exceptionally fresh and the chips were not oily at all. Everything was beyond our expectation. We wish we could come back to try different seafood dishes like shellfish, especially crab and lobster if we'd be back to Amsterdam again!

The Seafood Bar | Van Baerlestraat 5, 1071 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands ★★★★☆

If "Fast Food" isn't your thing, eating Japanese food in Amsterdam could be an excellent idea. This high-end Japanese restaurant was in a very beautiful setting. We liked their sashimi very much; it was very fresh and heavenly tasty. The service was fantastic as well. Although we end up spending a fortune there, we had nothing to complain about. It is no doubt another highly recommended restaurant in Amsterdam for sure!

Restaurant Hosokawa | MAx Euweplein 22, 1017 MB Amsterdam, Netherlands ★★★★★

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