The Highlights of Pest District

Last time we've taken you on a tour to Buda District in Budapest; this time, in this article, you'll be able to discover more about the opposite side of the city - Pest District, where you'll also be able to see the spectacular views of the Buda District from this side. Let's read on and find out more about things you can do during your trip in the Pest District of Budapest, Hungary today!

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Visiting the Most Popular Cafe in Budapest

This gorgeously decorated New York Cafe is located in the heart of Pest District. It is probably the most visited restaurant in the city. There are no empty seats and it is full house at all times. You may wonder why; but hey, look at the interior, the ceiling, or the hallway, everything is overwhelming. The cafe allows you to walk into a beautiful 18th century scene and enjoy your desserts like a noble! Nobody is going to hate this place for sure.

Central Market Hall, Budapest, Hungary

Here's Everyone's Favourite Market in Pest District

Central Market Hall, aka the Great Market Hall is the largest indoor market in Budapest. This neo-Gothic hall has been restored for selling all sorts of local grocery produces on the ground floor and souvenirs on the first floor. Everyone loves shopping at this market hall; not only many tourists love buying quality Hungarian souvenirs, but also locals enjoy bargaining a great deal for their everyday's needs.

City Park, Budapest, Hungary

Explore the Fairytale-like City Park in City Centre

The Budapest City Park is a wonderful place for you if you'd like to escape the city within the city for a bit. This large park has everything - a palm house, concert venues, museums, a lake, plus a home of some great thermal baths and green lawn spaces. This city park is perfect for everyone from solo travellers and couples to friends and family. Everybody will indulge themselves in this magical place.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest, Hungary

Enjoying the Thermal Baths with the Locals