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The Highlights of Buda District

There's two sides of Budapest: Buda and Pest; they are separated from River Danube. Today we are taking you to explore the Buda District, where you could see the spectacular views of the other side of Budapest - the Pest District. These spots are perfect for photos and they are definitely the highlight of our whole trip! Let's see what we've found there now!

A Castle in Buda District is Called Buda Castle

Of course there's a castle named Buda Castle in this district, so how can you not visit it before you leave? Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get inside, as something more attractive caught our attention...

Not to Miss the Beautiful View of Pest District from Buda Castle

If visiting a castle isn't your thing, what about enjoying the view from there? That's the reason why we didn't get into the castle. And the main point is: this is totally free! You don't need to pay to get up on an observatory tower because here's one without an entrance ticket!

Riding on a Historical Cable Car is Fun

Buda Castle Funicular takes you to the Buda Castle with ease in a minute. It was a fun experience to ride on this gorgeous historical cable car, especially in hot weather. You should going up with this "lift" and return by walking downhill on foot. You could therefore explore the park and still take the fun ride at least once.

Here's the Most Gorgeous Church in Budapest

Matthias Church is probably one of the busiest attractions in Budapest. We arrived here in the morning at 10am and the queue was so long that we gave up to get in. So make sure to get there as early as possible to buy the entrance tickets or you will regret it like we do! The ceiling looks too pretty that makes us believe the inside should also look as gorgeous as the outside! We'll keep this belief in mind until we actually see it with our own eyes.

Exploring the Street Nearby like a Local

Travel like a local! That's the point of travelling! We love exploring the area around the Fisherman's Bastion so much! It has got everything that everyone needs to see, from amazing architectures and friendly locals, to high-end Hungarian restaurant and unique handicraft shops, everyone will get a chance to bump into a local area, and be like a local in a day.

Never Leave Budapest without a Visit to Fisherman's Bastion

Fisherman's Bastion is definitely a place that no one will ever miss when in Budapest. And we see why it's so popular until we actually came here in person. It sets right next to the beautiful Matthias Church, and it faces to the opposite side of Pest area. Basically this is in the heart of Budapest. This area could be even busier than the church because it's open to the public for free!

A Picture with the Frame of the Terrace in Fisherman's Bastion is a Must

This place has been so instagrammable and it seems like everyone loves taking pictures with the frame of the terrace in Fisherman's Bastion. Why? Since you will be able to capture the view of Budapest and the gorgeous Palace of Parliament Hungary in it! That makes absolutely a very nice profile picture of you and you should definitely take one too!

So long, Hungary!


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